1. Hopelessdecoy

    Does "no hidden classes" mean the engine itself is editable?

    What I mean is like can I add buttons to the eventing system? The database? Or is it like it was in VXA with only things like note tagging. I mostly program in C/C++ and I am unsure what this term means. I would definitely put time into JavaScript if it meant I could add things to the engine it...
  2. Michael Dionne

    YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator (a mod to support 70+ devices/platforms!!)

    MODERATOR MESSAGE: This plugin no longer follow Yanfly's terms of use. If you do own the plugin and got it before Yanfly changed his license (before October 27th 2019), you can still use it but please refrain from sharing this plugin. Thank you. YEP_CoreEngine_PlatformPreparator 1.0 MICHAEL...
  3. DGDgamer

    Do not show tiimer on screen (Hidden)

    How do I remove the display for the timer without turning it off? I just don't need the player to see it. I don't see an option to remove it.
  4. Theratris

    Luna Engine "Skill/Item-Status Window" Help.

    Hiya!, i've been making my game for quite a while now, and recently started building my menu's with Luna engine, so far so good, however i have run into a problem that i can't seem to figure out. I can't seem to change how the Character status are shown after you go into, ex. Skills>Heal Or...
  5. _Shadow_

    Humble Bundle terms of use for some content.

    So I will post this here just to make sure it is not in a wrong subcategory. So, there is a sentence in Terms of Use that is confusing me. Note that English is not my native language. I suppose I can interact and communicate well most of the time. But when it comes to EULAs there is no space...
  6. Problems with the Sapphire Action System IV .Help please.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the RPG Maker VX Ace, I only know a few basics so yeah...my question is how do I install a ”Script” or ”Engine” whatever you call them.The name of it it s Sapphire Action System IV . I downloaded it already but I don t know what to do with it...I mean yeah I copied...
  7. Miss Nile

    Window_MenuCommand Opacity and Positioning?

    Hi everyone, So I've been experimenting with Luna Engine for a while now and I was able to get a good portion of it. However, there's something I'm probably missing. ^^; What I want to do is this: You see the commands in the top of the window? I am hoping to replace the default commands with...
  8. TheDrifter

    Change order of parameters listed in Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath

    Greetings, I have been using Yanfly Engine Ace - Victory Aftermath v1.04 and I would like to change the order of parameters (actor stats) listed whenever a character levels up. Right now, stats are listed in following order: Level, HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Magic, Magic Defense, Agility, Luck...
  9. RhysO101

    Beat em' Up Style Battle System?

    Hi, I would like a battle system with a beat em up feel to it. The actors on the left hand side and the enemies on the right hand side. You can move the main actor around the battle field using the arrow keys (Maybe the other actors can have AI) The enemies would really have AI, you can make...
  10. Misty

    Fireball, damage, lives, and points?

    Hello, I need someone to help me with the Arc Engine. It pretty much has everything except attacks (like fireballs) squashing enemies, damage, lives, and points. Arc Engine So I need help with. 1. Attacks 2. Squashing enimies 3.Damage 4. Lives  5. Points from collecting coins or items...
  11. Wyn Wizard

    Dungeon Master Engine Ace

    Introduction:   Hello RMW! My name is Eugene Petrie, otherwise known as Wyn Wizard.   I am a novice scripter and as of late I have decided to create my own "Script Engine" for you guys to use. I've always wanted to work with open source code and make free things for others, since I enjoy...
  12. Mack's tilesets and stuff for different engines

    Hi there! I am new in this community and I would like to make you a question.  I hope this is the right place to ask. I found out on your forum that Mack's tilesets are free for commercial use, of course giving the right credits to the creator. The original tekepon site is for sale now and I...
  13. _Shadow_

    [Yet another Tutorial on Luna Engine]

    So let's get some things straight. Luna Engine is not for noobs. I WILL try to be noob friendly though.  :cutesmile:   You HAVE to know how RPG Maker VX Ace does some stuff. You DON'T HAVE to know how RGSS works to use it, but it is not very easy. You need no code skills involved to do...
  14. Dacuna

    Ace Core Engine and Weather EX Compatibility

    Can anyone make these two scripts compatible with each other? http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/core-scripts/ace-core-engine/ http://atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/System/ACE_SYS08.html When I call a weather effect, it comes up with an error that is resolved only when I get rid of Ace Core...
  15. Centipede

    Question about Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine

    Firstly, here's what I intend to do. In my project, there will be times where you have to temporarily swap one party member for another, then when you get that member back later in the game. I intend to make it that when they are removed from the party, all their equips are removed. With...
  16. "EarthBound Style Engine 0.6" (reupdated 1/9/2015) Team Recruitment

    I have started an "EarthBound Style Engine" which replicates core features found in "EarthBound - Mother 2" using RPG Maker VX Ace. Edit : This Engine has been updated to 0.6 as of 1/9/2015 - Enemies will now halt when a battle is initiating - Turned the hue down on all swirl animations -...
  17. EarthBound Style Engine 0.1 In need of a Team

          Hey community, I'm looking for a few people to help me further develop my Earthbound Style Engine which I want to make available to the public in the future for non-commercial and commercial use. So far I've been able to replicate EarthBound's battle mechanics to a degree by using RGSS3...
  18. Dawn of Dark

    Victor's Pixel Movement Script

    Hey, guys. I have been trying some of the Pixel Movement Scripts out there (or Free Movement as how GaryCXJk put it). I have found out that Victor has one such script too. Problem is I can't download it, because his Dropbox account is down. So if anyone has that script, can you please share...
  19. Stedar

    Screen issues with Yanfly Core Engine v1.09 and MGC Map Zoom Ace v1.6

    Hi guys, I'm having a strange issue in VX Ace with Yanfly's Core Engine v1.09 and MGC's Map Zoom Ace v1.6. The Core Engine v1.0 WORKS with Map Zoom v1.6 and does not have any issues. However with v1.09 of Core Engine, the player can walk offscreen to the left and to the right. Basically the...
  20. Legend Of Zelda Style Game?

    Hello all, I have recently embarked upon trying to create a legend of zelda style game using RPG Maker VX Ace, but I can't find a script that will allow for a lot of what is necessary for the LoZ experience. I have seen Project Zelda in previous posts, but I have not seen anything that could...

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