1. Dawn of Dark

    Victor Engine support

    Hey, guys. I have been trying to implement Victor's Engine for my game. Here's the link to his blog: http://victorscripts...g-maker-vx-ace/ What I have been trying to use specifically are the Animated Battle and Actors Battlers. I followed his User's Manual for the Animated Battle and got...
  2. [Ace] Battle Engine Symphony Please Help!

    I can't figure out how to make enemies equip weapons after getting them animated in Battle Engine Symphony. I downloaded the "enemy character set" and pasted the script in but where do I go from there? The guide I found at (http://forums.rpgmak...attle-symphony/) doesn't help with my problem. I...
  3. BlackMage

    [RMXP] RGSS Generate Curve Formula

    So, I want to create a custom statuses (looks like 8 doesn't enough for me :P ). I already know how to set them up. But I came across several problem that can be solved if these question answered. How does RMXP generate the Parameter Curve in the database? Does anyone know the formula...
  4. nio kasgami

    Hero Engine V.1.0

    Hero Engine  Created by Nio Kasgami     Introduction  What is Hero engine ? Is a special engine who permit to Recustomize all the Rpg maker aspect in a graphical way! AND add new fonctionnality! Is permit to simplify the life of rpg maker user ! Some exemple who better explain the concept :3    ...
  5. zero50

    Crystal Engine - Extra Stats Problem

    Hi! I've been using this script to make two extra stats: One is only for enemies, and it's called LV (Level)  (Like the Actor one) Enemies don't gain levels in this game, I just needed them to have levels because my  damage formula needs it. The other stat is used by both actors and...
  6. Yanfly Engine Ace Battle Engine v1.22 - Enemy Fleeing

    I received this error and a crash today while play testing the game.  It was caused by an event that sent an enemy fleeing from the fight.  As soon as the enemy was supposed to flee, it crashed.  Does anyone know what it means and how to remedy it?  Development of the game has come to a...
  7. flyingswine

    Yanfly Save Engine question

    Yanfly Save Engine: http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/menu-scripts/ace-save-engine/ This script shows the location that you saved from on the save list. How can I make it so instead of the map name, it shows the map display name? Thanks!
  8. Help with Arc Engine?

    Hi all, I'm very new to this community so you'll just have to bear with me. I need some help regarding the 2D-Sidescrolling engine for RMVXACE called Arc Engine.    1. How do I stamp on enemy's heads to kill them, but when they touch me any other way the player dies? 2. How can I implement a...
  9. Sclario

    Side View Battler and Battle HUD

    Hello I'm working in my first project. I wanted it to be a Side Battler, so I decide using Victor's Animated Battle, I had no problem with this script I always take my time to understand the stuff I'm doing. But now, I'm trying to change the Battle HUD for better visuals. I tried Yanfly's Ace...
  10. Yanfly Battle Engine removes poison flash

    I've been having a problem with the Yanfly Battle Engine. I've seen this problem posted on Yanfly's Wordpress, but since he's on hiatus it went unanswered. After installing this script, it seems to remove the red flash effect when an actor is poisoned. The actor will still take damage, but there...
  11. ShinGamix

    Project Zelda Engine Ace - alone I am starting a new team! All the original XP team vanished!

    Latest info   SilentResident and Team Zelda have been working on The Project Zelda Engine on RPG Maker XP for years now. It has come along way and is one of the best starter kits and little engines out there even today. Now here is the chance to help it come to RPG maker VX Ace with backing...
  12. Helladen

    Yanfly Damage Popup 1.0.4

    Introduction This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. It contains only the damage popup code, so it should work with almost any battle system flawlessly. I hope people can make some use out of it.  Screenshots Not needed. Credits Yanfly and Helladen. Commercial To read the rights of what the...
  13. Terv

    Using the VX Ace engine in your XP games - the kiss tutorial!

    How to use the VX Ace engine in your XP games in no more than 10 minutes - keep it simple, stupid! Auf theutsch bitte 1. Introduction In the following I am going to explain you how to use the engine of VX Ace (RGSS301.dll + Game.exe) in combination with your XP games which I fully entrust to...
  14. Helladen

    Skip Battle Log

    Introduction This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. I took the skipping of the battle log messages and made it into its own script. This script should work with almost every system, and to install it just paste it above main and below all your other scripts. I hope people can make some use out...
  15. Helladen

    Yanfly Battle Status

    Introduction This is part of YEA - Battle Engine. I took all the enhancements to the interface and removed any code that broke other system's compatibility. There are still issues with specific systems, but this should work in a much wider range than it did previously. This script will work...
  16. Helladen

    Debug Battle Add-on

    Introduction This is part of YEA - Battle Engine, one of my favorite systems in it is the debug controls. This script contains only those controls. You can read more about it in the comments section of the code, which explains which controls do what.   This script should work with almost...

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