1. gabrieldiastche

    FREE [CLOSED]Phil Alone - Translator

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* About The Game Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  2. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Phil Alone [Ludum Dare 47]

    PHIL ALONE A game made to Ludum Dare 47 - Stuck in a loop *Players with poor psychological, we suggest not playing this game...* ABOUT THE GAME Meet Phil Phil is alone in home when he wakes up and wants go out with his friends! But first he needs to do all his tasks! Help him before the day...
  3. Kirri

    An English Question.

    Hello! :kaohi: So, many people use annoying as in "Eric annoying Roy". But I think the correct is "Eric annoys Roy". But there are too many people using annoying like that. Now I'm not sure. Which one's the correct one?
  4. FREE Looking for Beta-Testers (Needed) for Remainder Studios' "The Town of The Lost Witch" English ver.

    [PLEASE, MAIL darkspinesgames@gmail.com IF INTERESTED] Hi, everyone! DarkSpines Games here. So, we are about to finish the translation of the Spanish game by Remainder Studios "The Town of The Lost Witch". It isn't short. Well, you have all the information here: [by the way] Engine...
  5. tale

    Translation Posts Rule for Forum Rules

    Hello, are other spoken languages allowed as long English translation is included in the same post? If a forum poster isn't familiar with English language, should they be encouraged to use Google Translate and mentioned it's use? I recall a mod said something of the sort though I tried finding a...
  6. Nightblade50

    Moghunter plugins to Engish?

    I hope this is the right place! Moghunter's plugins are excellent, but they are in Portuguese. Has someone made a translated version of them?
  7. Isabella Ava

    HELP - Correct English Grammaticals

    Hi there, since my native language is not English so i got plenty of trouble writing dialogue, items' description and so on. Is there anyone usually online willing to give me some help to correct it? (quite much) :)
  8. Oscar92player

    [Help] Translating the Properties window

    Hello everyone! I'm making a project in VX in Spanish, and everything works fine working on those text that are inside scripts, or the battle logs, and other kind of texts inside the game. But, I have a problem finding a way to translate the texts inside the Properties window (the one you can...
  9. Kanallaman

    RMMV Life Without Friends (DEMO OUT NOW!)

    Another RPG Game where nobody has to get hurt! By Kanallaman Studios DEMO Out Now! FEATURES! (NOTE: I forgot the mention this, but some of these features are planed and are NOT in the current demo. If it's not in the demo, it will have an % next to it.) Act/Spare...
  10. Ionenschatten

    RPG Maker Translator can't find game data file.

    Heyhey! There's a tool in the world wide web *echoing voice* web...web...web... that is able to translate your games from one language to another. Sounded rlly nice to me so I downloaded it, but now I got a problem with the game datas! My program simply can't find them... But they are there...
  11. Abdulla Al-Farsi

    I need someone to fix this text for me (Grammer and Spelling).

    Hi, I need someone to fix this text for me, please. Bleeding Knife It’s a classic horror game based on exploration, puzzles and story-telling. You need to find items and choose the right choices to be in the right path of the game. Story: Obaid is a homeless man who has been arrested and...
  12. TheRaluShow - ISSUE Translation Request.

    I have been clearing all Japanese dialogue from my game to replace with full English. Problems started to occur , When selecting an enemy the select text is still in Japanese and thats not even it. The Guard Dialogue shows up in full Japanese and I have searched all my Ruby Scripts for the issue...
  13. Myzel

    How to change MV Maker- Language in 1.2.0 ?

    We used to change the language with "Local" Files or the systemclock. My entire system runs in english, but MV , even after reinstalling, keeps the german language both for the MV program and its ingame word-handling. How do I change this to English in MV 1.2 , both for its system and existing...
  14. Fring Frang

    Meteghan Frenchy's User Experience Simulation

    CLICK HERE TO PLAY IN YOUR BROWSER Game Synopsis, setting, and characters: This isn't a traditional RPG game. There are no goals other than to explore Meteghan Frenchy's, modeled after the iconic thrift store, and interact with people and the environment to hear their stories. The characters...
  15. Shin Kitsune

    Changing the UI language?

    Hello! I just downloaded the engine. SO far so good, but I have an issue regarding the UI language. I'm pretty used to using RPG Maker in English, ever since I first stumbled upon Don Miguel's translation. I tend to develop my games in said language. I know RPG Maker has official multi...
  16. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    What languages can you speak?

    What languages can you speak? I can speak English (I grew up learning it.) And I'm also learning French and Japanese. I keep notes to learn but I can speak some words. So What languages can you speak? Or are you learning? 
  17. Omega Weapon

    Fellow Dutchie here!

    Hey people! I've been using RPG Maker for a few years now, so I decided to join this community too. I've been around on the VX Ace forums a bit longer, so some people may know me from there. I'm Laura, nice to meet you all. I'm 17 years old, but I'll turn 18 in a month or so. I'm from the...

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