enhanced tp

  1. Afaryz

    Enhanced TP - Help getting the eval for Srdudes Menu Status Customizer

    Hey there, I just try to implement with : my current TP Mode from . I need the actual eval for the TP Mode. With: actor._tpMode i can atleast show the number of the actual Tp Mode. Now is the question how I can display the name? If I use actor.tpMode (Yanfly help file suggests...
  2. Nilom

    Set tcr to 0 in the damage formula

    Hello! How can I set the tcr (TP charge rate) to 0 within a skills formula or inside notetags evals? I tried something like a.tcr = 0 or user.tcr = 0 but that doesn't seem to be the right command. Thanks!
  3. Nilom

    Attack X times for every 20 TP and generate no TP

    Hello together! Currently I'm trying to make a skill that will work as follows: The Skill costs 20 TP But uses all of the users remaining TP For every 20 TP used, the skill will activate 1 times (User had 26 TP -> User will have the skill activated once and will remain with 0 TP after the...
  4. Nilom

    Yanfly Enhanced TP set TP mode for class

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly's Enhanced TP for the resources of my classes. Is there a way that I can set the TP mode for a class or if skill(x) is learned? Unfortunately it seems to me that these notetags can only be set for actors. But on the other side I'm just a javascript novice. I would need...
  5. Help adjusting "Yanfly's Enhanced TP" to work with "Yanfly's Skill Learn System"?

    Hey, I've been trying to find a way to make the <Learn Unlock TP Mode: x> notetag for skills (which unlocks a TP Mode when learning a certain skill) work for skills learned through the Skill Learn system plugin. I assume the notetag only checks if an actor had learned a skill through the...
  6. Drogazy

    Enhanced tp

    I am using enhanced tp modes from yanfly. When the modes are active, and the actor is damaged, i receive the message: cannot read property "deal state of null" What should I do?
  7. ragnorak6608

    how to check if element is effective

    Is there a way to check within an eval if the attack's element was effective (over 100%) against the target. I want to input this check into a tp gain formula so that when the mage hits with magic that the target is weak against, they gain more tp.
  8. Help With TP

    I need help coming up with a formula or function. What I'm trying to do is have the initial TP of each actor correspond with their current level. If the actor is a Level 1, he'll start each battle wit 1 TP. If the actor is a Level 3, he'll start with 3 TP, and so on. Similar to Wild Arms 3's...

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