1. Wishdream

    Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.0 - Wish English Translation v1.2d

    Tankentai Sideview Battle System v1.00 Wish English Translation Project + Improved Demo v1.1   Original Script and Author: Enu (http://rpgex.sakura.ne.jp/home/material/) Translator: Wishdream (http://wishdream.org/) Version: Script v1.00 / Translation v1.2d Type: Battle System / Battle Engine...
  2. Lady-Elise

    ◄Journey Battle System v.03►(Tankentai translation project)

    Special Thanks: Enu ► he's simply awesome for creating this script to begin with! Koji-kun ► For correcting my English when I created this topic X3 Yami~ ► For helping me with bug-fixing! Nio ► Helping with support and development
  3. quikemon

    A little help with Enu's battle system

    So I've installed the Enu battle system in my Rpg Maker Vx Ace. Everything is working fine but theres something I can't change. In this engine/script when your party haves multiple characters they seem to follow you and I really don't like that. Is there anyway I can change that? Please help...

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