1. kirillkrm

    RMMV Heroines of Swords & Spells. Demo

    A demo version of an epic and funny jRPG adventure with intricately detailed story. Guide a party of wayward heroines through the perils of this fantasy world. Heroines of Swords & Spells. Act I (Demo) Version: 0.98 Demo Category: humorous epic JRPG. Autor: Kirill “Kirillkrm” Pestryakov. Steam...
  2. Adam1013

    RMMV Final Fantasy XI Braver (New Build 11/27/20)

    **New version as of 11/27/20 THIS IS A NON-COMMERCIAL FAN GAME Version 0.8 *Currently contains 25 - 30+ hours of gameplay* Feedback and bug reports are appreciated and I hope you enjoy the project! Download Link **Updated as of 11/27/20 Final Fantasy XI Braver **Join us in Discord for...
  3. Luiishu535

    Quest for the Peace Sword [18+]

    WARNING! THIS GAME CONTAINS SCENES OF VIOLENCE, BLOOD, WAR AND DEATH! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! About the Game: Quest for the Peace Sword is a game created for the "SWAP IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU" event that took place sometime near the dawn of 2016 on RMN. The first half of the game was...
  4. Vanessa

    a seinen Anime based game RPG Need engineer |Javascript / plugin maker|

    Hello, i'm Schlee from Dollhouse Symphony, looking for a system engineer who willing to work together for the RPG Maker MV project titled CROSSFATE SAGA : VANESSA. You can read the game description right to our Indiegogo campaign...
  5. Secret Machines

    New Composer - Hi everyone

    Hi, My name is Andrew and I'm a composer and RPG fan.  I actually started long ago with RPG Maker on Playstation and then worked with XP for a bit.  I recently worked with a ported MAC version of XP for a project.  Anyway I love to write music,  Here are some links to my tracks: Lost Island...
  6. nanokan

    Nanokan's [Godlike shop]

    So here you can decide, what you woud,to doing for you! List of Your Desire. Window Logo Titel Screen Game Over Screen Shield Banner Logo for your City or continent or what i thing you need a Banner Tiles World-Tiles Parallax World Tiles HD Parallax World Tiles ( a New Style for me...
  7. Utopiablue

    Epic Odyssey

    I am proud to present to you Epic Odyssey, a traditional rpg that I have worked on since 2011. You are invited to embark as a young knight who unknowingly set in motion events that will forever change the fate of the world. Along your journey across the fantastical land of Elysium a handful of...
  8. Time Warper : Infinite Edition ( In The Making )

    Time Warper : Infinite Edition A short summary of the game: In a universe where peace and harmony is at its golden age where  countless races have ascended to pure pacifists but there are some who want a change, YOU are the one who will change this, YOU are the line between Chaos and Harmony...
  9. Matseb2611

    Incitement 3

      General Features:  - A sequel to Incitement and Incitement 2, both of which are free.  - Approximate length ~ 7-10 hours  - An immersive sci-fi world with a variety of locations to explore  - Side-view battles with fully animated battlers  - 11 playable characters: 7 in the main party...
  10. Chester

    Epic [New Game] Sound ?

    Hello everyone, What I want to happen is that whenever the player chooses NEW GAME I want another sound to go along with it (for example: "KA-BOOM") other than the usual "bling" sound. So in other words I want the OK: sound effect in the database to change for NEW GAME. Is there way I can do...
  11. Free Original Music for Games

    Hiya guys! New to the site but willing to help with projects, for free! Want to write original music for decent adventure/futuristic games. Here's an original that i composed for you to get an idea. Message me on nightlingmusic@gmail.com if you're interested Nightling
  12. Lucas Artistry

    Some RPG Title Music!

    I've been writing a few tunes lately that I would love to see become the Introduction or Title track to somebody's Epic RPG someday! https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/wolf-of-the-highlands https://soundcloud.com/lucasartistry/black-sails...
  13. RMMV (canceled)

  14. Kevin O'Ryan


  15. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Sakata's Legend - Source File and Details -- Critiques Wanted!

      "Dare to enter, a Dream World in its dark era!" Non-Commercial game in development by TKZ Productions!   Website - HERE   UPDATE: I do apologize for not updating, I have been working on a new album and lost focus on the game. However, I have returned and I will be posting a new demo soon! --...
  16. sinrx

    Murdered Order - Recruiting

    Welcome to Murdered Order's recruitment thread! This is my first project, and after a year familiarizing myself with RPG Maker, I think it's time to put my plan in motion! The story: An ever growing nation, Hakyaris, plan to take all and leave nothing. They will take over all the land in...
  17. LightofthedimVXA

    Light of the Dim VXA - Playable Intro

    Some of you may have heard of this title already, although most of you probably have not. This project has been in development for several years, spanning across three different "makers" since it's inception. I apologize in advance for the lack of screenshots. I haven't converted most of my...
  18. Hirei

    Curse of Sissaria [Chapter 1]

    Zetu, we do not allow advertising in forum posts. For full details, please review our forum rules here. Thank you. You are using Adfly in your post which is not allowed. The link has been removed from your post and will remain as such until you replace it.
  19. cagt3000

    Soul's Fate

    NEWS : No I'm not dead >_< Now yes, it has been a while since I said anything about this game, but trust me... It's still going ;) The new demo of the game should be available by August 18/19, so you guys can try it out :D Nothing major changed about the game, just correcting bugs and such...
  20. Dark Gaia

    Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm

    Introduction Legionwood 2: Rise of the Eternal's Realm is an epic length traditional role playing game created in RPG Maker VX Ace and a direct sequel to the much loved Legionwood: Tale of the Two Swords. It is the first installment in the epic Legionwood 2 saga. Legionwood 2 features a 12+...

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