1. Shineedles

    In making an episodic game

    Me and some friends have been thinking about the possibility of making a game that's released episodically, as development is rather slow. Now, the only problem I'm having with this is that a core part of the gameplay is being able to choose which character(s) to spend time with each day and...
  2. literarygoth

    RMVXA CoTD: Dacian DEMO AVAILABLE v1.3!!

    **UPDATE** We recommend giving the demo at least a couple playthroughs as it's a combat mechanics demo, and prototype teaser for the full game. CoTD: Dacian is a commercial series, slated for episodic release, beginning with the first installment, Dacian. Under newly re-branded Jaded Phoenix...
  3. leenat40

    RMMV Dying World (Episodic Series) CANCELLED FOR NOW

    I will be completely honest, and admit that Episode 1 was a failure. If you want to try this game, start from Episode 2. I mean it. And knowing that, I will be COMPLETELY remaking Episode 1, but until then... It's best that you avoid it. EPISODE 3 AVAILABLE NOW "He made my life hell...
  4. Nate-Nite

    Return To Sender - An Episodic Adventure (PG-13)

    RETURN TO SENDER   Demo V1.01 PC Version Mac Version Do you ever feel like you're in the wrong world? Like you just don't fit in? Sometimes the universe makes mistakes and you get misplaced, but if you stick in there, you'll find your way to the parallel world you belong...
  5. Now Available: WE WERE - An Interactive Novel Prologue + Season Pass

        An Interactive Novel WE WERE is an interactive novel.  In other words, it's a Choose Your Own Adventure book for the modern era.  In WE WERE, White Circle Studios invites you to relive key events in the history of Y'tuk, a race whose homeworld, A'selet, was destroyed by the growth of its...
  6. Dark Gaia

    Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness

    Introduction   Heroes of Legionwood: Age of Darkness is a classical style fantasy cRPG set in a world on the brink of annihilation. It is the first installment in the brand new 3 part Heroes of Legionwood saga. Although it is the first episode in a trilogy of adventures, Age of Darkness can...
  7. Drachen


    Oculus is an episodic sci-fi roleplaying game (RPG) emphasizing exploration and interactions between the player and the game's world.   The Oculus is a piece of technology discovered on Mars, granting mankind the ability to quickly travel through space and time. Using this, the Human Systems...
  8. Stoic

    World Remade

    >> DOWNLOAD HERE <<   Play length: 1 hour Download size: 128mb   Return to the land of Solest and guide a new group of heroes through the most shocking, devastating event in that world's history. Hundreds of years before the events of Master of the Wind, a fiery cataclysm ravages the world and...
  9. Generic Heroes: Ep 01

      Some of the people in the word of the Generic Heroes are starting to become aware and have more thoughts about their existence. They have been digging around and finding bits of information that does not quite make sense to them, some of this information contains the names of people and places...
  10. PixelLuchi

    Tristian: Lady of the Lion

        STORY:   SCREENSHOTS                 WORLD:     CHARACTERS:      FEATURES   -  An epic 10 episode tale spanning 4 countries over a huge world. - A deep, mature storyline focusing on love, honour and pride. The themes however, may not be suitable for the average 15 year old. -  A...
  11. Frosty10001

    Yet Another RPG - ~NEW~ Demo 4 Released!

    Wait? Did you hear that? That's right! The fourth demo was released!!   Check out our website! http://www.yetanotherrpg.com   Hey, listen! You're here reading this and you're probably thinking: "I don't need another generic role-playing game in my life, why should I play...

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