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  1. RMMV Equip Menu; Removing MV Core Stats For My Own?

    Heyas! I've been looking around, but have been having trouble finding an answer online. I use a different set of stats (6) than MV uses (Strength, Defense, etc), and unfortunately, MV's main stats show up in the equip menu. Is there any way to either hide these stats entirely or replace them...
  2. TSR

    TSR_EquipSlots by The Northern Frog

    download: TSR_EquipSlots Author: TSR This Plugin revamp the Equip Scene and provides a few options to customize some aspects of the scene. This is a 'scene' Plugin. It does not alter the game equipement behavior, but is made to work with Yanfly Equip Core and Item Core, along with their...
  3. Gabrepasta

    Custom Parameters in Equip-Window

    I use Bobstah's script for custom parameters to create some more parameters for weapons and JahwsUF's StatusMenuCore to display these (and some default parameters) in the status menu. Since I use these custom parameters for weapons, I of course want them also to be displayed in the equipment...
  4. Equipment Weight Plugin

    So I have been working on and off on this plugin for a while but making no real progress What is it meant to do: Each 'Class' has an EquipLoad which determines how much weight they can carry, the plugin set the Limit as decimal multiplier (I'm aiming to use 1.25) and a decimal for EncumberLimit...
  5. Completely Hide Parameters or Stats

    Hi, I've searched for hours and tried countless plugins, but oddly enough, as simple as my use case is I can't seem to find a plugin that's offered the desired functionality. It seems that both the default engine and many plugin makers assume that a game will always use or rename the base...
  6. unity

    Equip Menu Issue With Luna Engine

    Hello! ^_^ I'm having some trouble with the Luna Engine setup in my game, specifically in the Equip screen, and I was wondering if there was something obvious that I am mising. Here are the problems:  1) The menu that tells you what items are available to equip doesn't quite work properly. ...

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