equip scene

  1. Kes

    Check when equip screen accessed

    What I want to happen is this: At a specific time actor 2 is equipped with a particular weapon. The first time that the player opens the equip screen for that actor after that event I want to go back to the map for some dialogue (e.g. via a common event) and then, if possible, return to the...
  2. Akrib

    Change Cursor Image

    Hello everyone!, I have a rather specific request: Is it possible, to change the cursor graphic for different submenus? For example: In the equip-scene there is the slot-window and the item-list-window. Would it be possible, to have the standard cursor for the slot-window, but then have a...
  3. Akrib

    Skill list as item list

    Hello everyone, this is what I'd like to do: - have an equipment slot named "Skills" (no problem here) - display the skill-list when this slot is picked (instead of the item-list, from which you'd normally choose an item to equip). Is it possible, to modifiy the scenes.js file so that the...

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