equip slots

  1. WheatTon

    Weapon Swap Troubles

    I am using RPG Maker MV. I recently bought Fallen Angel Olivia's Weapon Swap plugin, for a project. I read the description where it says that it adds a weapon slot for each weapon type, but assumed I could figure out how to turn it off. The main character of the game can use every weapon type...
  2. Jaymonius

    Equip Slots for Items, Skills, and Equipment

    (Bare with me on this one as I'm not sure if this would fall under support or not.) H-Hey! Jaymonius here and I am experimenting with MV. And I noticed the Yanfly Equip Slots thing was nifty. And I also had a thought if there was some way to make one singular window for equipping all 3...
  3. Hide various equipment slots?

    Im using tsukihime's custom equip types, i want to hide various slots and continue using them, exist a script that does that?
  4. Tsukihime

    Equip Slots Cannot Be Empty

    No video :( By default, players can change equips all they want unless the slot is sealed or fixed. However, what if you want to allow players to change equips all they want, but they can't remove their equip? This plugin allows you to designate certain slots that cannot be empty. That is...
  5. Tsukihime

    Equip Slots Core

    By default, RPG Maker gives you 5 equip types to work with:   You also have the ability to add and modify equip types directly in the database in the Terms tab.   However, one problem you might notice is that every actor will have those equip slots, even if they can’t use any of the equips...
  6. nio kasgami

    N.K.E.A -"Extra_accessory_Slot"

    ■ Nio Kasgami Engine Ace N.K.E.A -"Extra_accessory_Slot" V.1.0.0 Author: Nio Kasgami Introduction: little snippet who permit to have a extra accessory set in the equip menu Features allow one extra accessory slot in the equip menu. Screenshots How to Use Plug and play just paste it and use...
  7. Tsukihime

    Equip Slot Sealing

    This script allows you to use note-tags to seal your equip slots. When you seal an equip slot, you cannot place an equip in that slot, and any equips that are already in the slot will be removed. By default, you can seal equip slots by equip type using features, but they only allow you to seal...
  8. Tsukihime

    Multiple Equip Types

    This script allows you to assign multiple equip types to an equip. By default, each equip has only one equip type. For example, a sword is a "Weapon" equip type and can only be placed in "Weapon" slots. A wooden shield is a "Shield" equip type and can only be placed in "Shield" slots. With...
  9. Tsukihime

    Core: Equip Slots

    This script allows you to customize your actor's equip slots and choose the starting equips for each slot. You can have an unlimited number of equip slots, and create an unlimited number of custom equip types. The equip slots are designed to be dynamic, so you easily add or remove equip slots...

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