1. AphoticAmaranth

    Equip Optimize Grade v1.1

    Introduction By default, 'optimize' will select equipment with the highest total stats. This might not be ideal if some of the better equipment provide non-stat related benefits, and that's where this plugin comes in. Features Allows optimize to utilize a grading system defined by the...
  2. thenerdmansion

    How too: Summoned pet deals 10% more damage if actor ID 11 is wearing summoner robe (armor)

    Like the tittle says, I have 20 years of experience with Rpg Maker and there would be so many ways about doing this. One way would be to implement the damage multiplier in the formula box to check if actor ID x is wearing Armor ID x however this would have to be done to every skill that the...
  3. Manthra

    Refresh script? Krade Equipment Skills Script

    Hi, still me! So, I found this nice script that easily allows you to learn a certain skill as long as you equip a certain weapon. (Script in here, but if it's better to copy it in this thread I will do so!) It works but I noticed that you cannot use a new learnt skill, although it appears in the...
  4. Manthra

    Prevent closing equip scene if no weapon's equipped? [XP]

    Hi, could anyone tell me what do with this? I wanted to add an " if " to prevent closing the equip menu in case no weapon is equipped. I guess I should insert some kind of "if no weapon is equipped..." before the $scene = Scene_Menu.new(2) in scene equip, after the Input.trigger?(Input::b)...
  5. Antilurker77

    RMMZ Equip Load / Equipment Weight

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that adds a weight property to equipment. Each actor has a maximum weight they can equip and can't go over. Weight has no other effects on gameplay. And the tricky part, it needs to be compatible with VS. I've seen a couple of plugins like this for MV but none...
  6. remainderstudios

    Equip option (inventory script)

    Hello. I am using Theo limited inventory script for my project. (vx ace) Theo limited inventory I want to know if it is possible to add an option to equip the item or weapon from the inventory. I am using falcao pearl abs script and it allows you to use a key to open a window and there you...
  7. Sighted

    How to display element def/atk and state def/atk in equipment screen?

    I'm trying to make better equipment screen. I got all parameter to show at the left side of the screen but then, I realized I miss something. It's ELEMENT DEF/ATK and STATE DEF/ATK Can somebody help me with this? I'm totally blind when I noticed this issue. Also, I packed my file here in case...
  8. KeenanAxolotl

    Multiple weapon/armour types per class?

    I am quite new to RPG Maker and I'm wondering if there is a way to get a specific class to be able to equip multiple weapon types. For example, if I have a class called "Fighter" and I have two weapon types called "Sword" and "Gun", is there a way to make a character with the Fighter class to be...
  9. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Shop Menu Core - Show Equip Status?

    Hello everyone! I'm currently in a bit of a pickle trying to find a way to modify one tiny window of the YEP Shop Menu Core scene. Currently, when purchasing Items the menu looks like this... It shows the amount party has in their current Inventory on the right hand-side. Perfect! Except...
  10. Cyndi4U

    How to make equipment better for some classes or actors?

    Hi! I was wondering if there's a way that a piece of equipment could have an extra stat or parameter bonus if and only if it's equipped by a certain class or a certain actor, i.e. a sword that when equipped by a Knight Class gives +7 atk rather than the normal +5 atk it gives, or a piece of...

    Sorry for the bold letters but cant figure this out. Is there a way to make certain weapon types take up additional slots? Like example if my character has 2 weapon slots but equips a Great sword, they cant equip anything into the second slot? Thank you in advance for the help =3
  12. Passingbyposts

    RMMZ [Solved by ATT_Turan] Triaconte Trigger on Equip and State

    So i tweaked triaconte's trigger on equip and state plugin to work with my MZ game and it works great but i'd prefer it if on unequip instead of subtracting the note tag variable it set it back to zero I reckon its this function i need to adjust but im not sure what i'd make it say doies...
  13. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Galv's Magic Shards Class Change Add-On [UPDATED]

    Hello! :kaohi: Would someone be able to help me create an add-on for Galv's Magic Shards plugin? EDIT: After a few months of not having much luck, I figured perhaps I'd have a bit more luck if I simplified things a bit. I can probably get the system mostly working through eventing, if someone...
  14. DeyJay5

    Help with Ace Equip Engine?

    I am using this script: https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/gameplay-scripts/ace-equip-engine/ How do you remove the MAT and MDF from the Equip and Status screen on the menu?
  15. KineticDog

    How to Keep Actors Selected after Leaving from Equip Menu

    Hi There. I have a question regarding on user interaction experience. By default, after selecting 'Equip' from menu, player needs to select an actor before getting into the equipment menu of this actor. Up to here it's all ok. But once the player completes actor build up and exits equip menu...
  16. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Skill equipment learning Help

    I’m trying to create the following system where certain equipments equipped to certain characters will temporarily give them certain skills. I’ve looked at this plugin https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/equipment-common-events.57234/ But have been getting [type error cannot read...
  17. BiggieCheese

    XAS ABS Visual Equipment Script?

    Hello, I've been using Xiderowg Action Battle System (XAS ABS) for a while and I'd like to implement a feature that allows you to wear certain hats and helmets. I tried using Rataime's Visual Equipment, but since XAS makes use of multiple character sprites to animate the hero's actions it didn't...
  18. SpacemanFive

    RMMZ Alternate weapon sets

    If there isn't a plugin for this already, I was wondering if it's possible for anyone to make a plugin that gives actors the ability to equip more than one weapon set, which they can swap out in the menu and during battle. My original idea for this was inspired by the functionality in games like...
  19. kyonides

    KEquippedSkills XP

    KEquippedSkills XP by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction It's a scriptlet that allows you to equip skills aka temporarily learn a skill if a piece of equipment like a weapon or an accessory is currently equipped. There was another scriptlet out there but it sucked :p for it used an iterator...
  20. Lord Vectra

    Equipping/Preparing spells

    I want a spell system similar to DnD where you can only "equip" or "prepare" X amount of spells. So no matter how many spells one have, they can only prepare/equip X amount. I do want the ability to allow some spells to not count towards the limit.

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