equipment levels

  1. VertigoAffliction

    Equipment Levels...(read on for more detail)

    I remember playing an RPG that had leveling up involving ONLY equipment, and in this game, it was a weapon, armor and accessory. The weapon would increase attacking ability, the armor increased defensive ability, and the accessory would increase EITHER Stamina (HP), Force (Mana), or Constitution...
  2. Selchar

    Equipment Level Base

    Equipment Level Base Ver. 1.05 Selchar Introduction This script adds the necessary methods for leveling. It doesn't do anything on it's own, but other scripts such as the examples can take advantage of it. I have supplied exp leveling for equips, as well as a basic scene for upgrading...

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A bit too busy for game dev this week, so I'll just throw an old screen shot today: a glimpse at my battle sys. It's custom ATB. Have a nice weekend!
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I finally beat Tears of the Kingdom! That was legit the best boss fight ever in the entire Zelda series. It has everything: skill, thrill, spectacle, chill,... EVERYTHING.
I have, once again, started something I'm not sure I can finish.
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