1. How to make an item that can't be removed?

    In a project I'm working on, I'm making it so that a few characters have an ability called a 'Bond' that acts like a (semi)passive effect, such as HP Restoring over time in battle or having a small chance to inflict a status effect onto foes. However, the idea is that Bonds are not a physical...
  2. RMMV Check if any actor has X item equipped

    Hello, I noticed that in conditional branch event menu, there is a option to check if specific actor has an item equipped. How would a scriptcall which checks if any party member has item X(weapon or armor) equipped look like?
  3. BrickleYourFrickle

    How to display skills that are attached to equipment in the equipment menu?

    In my game, your party members get new skills by equipping special "packs" of skills that take the form of an equippable item. I'd like to display those skills in a window in the equip menu, so players can easily see what skills are associated with the pack they're equipping.
  4. hoboayoyo

    RMMV Yanfly Change battle equip plugin use turn.

    As in the title, for Yanfly Change battle equip plugin is there a way to expend the users turn once they equip something / open the equip menu in battle?
  5. Antilurker77

    RMMZ Equip Load / Equipment Weight

    Hello, I'm looking for a plugin that adds a weight property to equipment. Each actor has a maximum weight they can equip and can't go over. Weight has no other effects on gameplay. And the tricky part, it needs to be compatible with VS. I've seen a couple of plugins like this for MV but none...
  6. T3sCoconuts

    what do you think about cutscenes?

    not talking about any game specifically, though what do you think about cutscenes and fashion equipment, like in games that you can change your characters visual appearance with there equipment, i was thinking how much it would annoy me if FF10 had of done that, changing there sprites in the...
  7. GreyWolfVino

    Hawkeye Arrow System

    Hey fellow game makers. I have an idea that I want to implement for RPG Maker MZ, but I am having difficulty proceeding. I have an archer actor in my game, and after watching the first three episodes of Marvel's Hawkeye, I wanted to implement an arrow system. So the bow is the weapon, but I want...
  8. Dalenacio

    RMMZ [SOLVED]: Help trying to make ammo stat display for weapons in the equipment screen.

    TL;DR: I'm looking for a way to make a gun show its ammo capacity alongside its other stats like attack or luck in the equip screen. Hiya folks! So, I'm working on a system using Unco's ammo system (enabled with FOSSIL) to make guns that have a set amount of ammo before needing to reload. If...
  9. Lord Vectra

    Change Equipment During Battle

    I'm in need of a script that allows you to change equipment during battle. I specifically only need to be able to change weapons. Found this on a site but not from the original author. It doesn't work (at all) without edits. So I made minor edits so it's plug & play. Place this below any custom...
  10. TheMeowingFox

    Script call to remove only armor from an actor?

    I wanna be sure I have it correct; would it be something like this? $; I have only one type of armor, so the ID part isn't much of a hassle for me.
  11. RMMZ Equipment sets for MZ

    So... Many games offer the option of creating "equipment sets". They basically let you save your currently equipped equipment in a slot and then load that equipment anytime you want. I haven't seen that implemented in an Rpg Maker game yet... so yeah... just wanted to ask if anyone would be...
  12. Assigning a weapon multiple types

    Hello! So the title is somewhat self explanatory, but let me go into more detail: I'm working on a game where the player will be able to learn all their combat skills from skill trees. For magic it's not a problem, but weapon abilities, I planned on having there be separate trees for each...
  13. LostWIsdom

    Sprite equiped Check

    Apologies, I'm sure this has been answered before. I am not a coder, I do the art but until I get a coder I'm handling that too. I've made a few outfit variants for the player. A variant for each slot so far. I attempted to use common events to switch the sprite based on equip. It works on...
  14. TheDrifter

    Can you create a skill that unequips the user's weapon or shield?

    There's an event command that can change an Actor's Equipment, but it asks for a specific Actor. Is there a way to create a skill that unequips the user's weapon or shield, regardless of which Actor is the user, and without the use of states that lock or seal an equipment slot? (The equipment...
  15. KazukiT

    Changing a character Equipment types in game

    I was wondering in MV, if there a plugin or scriplet that allowed a character to change what armor they could equip in game. For example, I want my character by default can equip Medium and Heavy armor. Is there a way to allow you to change it so that character can now equip Medium and Light armor?
  16. Goldscuttle

    VXA: Can't specify Equipment for Battle Test

    Everything else seems to be working. No error messages. But Equipment drop down slots all have (none) selected and no options for other equipment. Tried giving main character equipment with an event on the main map but it has no effect there either, with or without battle test. Does work for...
  17. SapphKnight88

    Shapeshifting/Mode Changing Equipment?

    So, I'm trying to figure out a means of having equipment able to go into different slots or has multiple types, sorta like a weapon/armor version of Yanfly's multi-type skill plugin. Currently, the only way I can get this to work is using a several pieces of equipment (say an axe, a pistol, a...
  18. ovate

    maru 12 scripts (compilation)

    Animate state Display state icons based on order. (frame by frame) Preview Installation Paste this script above Main. Script __________ Actor stats window Changes the actor window display with stats when using...
  19. Almightypebble

    Possible to disallow actor equipment menu?

    Hey everyone, I just have a quick question about the equipment menu. I am wondering if there is a plugin or a script I can use to disallow a party member's equipment menu to be brought up at all. I don't want to remove the actor's equipment, I just want to not be able to change it in-game. I...
  20. remove additional equipment using events

    I used "Yanfly's Ace equip Engine" to add 5 to 7 additional equipment slots. ( I would like to be able to release it only through certain events when the equipment is worn in the additional equipment slot. So I gave...

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