1. MrPancake

    Need an Equipment Lv up Script (Simple one)

    Hi, i was wondering if someone can make an script that makes your weapons lv up, but a really simple one that works with exp, and not with "AP" as I have seen on other scripts that I try to use and I cant make them work if anyone can help me would be great thanks im using RPG Maker vx Ace...
  2. Having issues with a class changing event

    Ok here is the issue, I created a basic class called a mage and then at a later time using an event system you can upgrade to another more advance class, the problem I am having is when you get the change a couple of the advance classes are not supposed to be able to equip a staff and use a...
  3. Petite Elite

    Yanfly Ace Equip Engice

    I'm using Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine (obviously :P ) but I'm not sure how to make equipping an armour or weapon add an equipment slot.  i.e. the option to equip a sword augment is only available once a sword is equipped, etc. I have searched thoroughly to see if this was possible, but I'm...
  4. Conross2479

    Altering possible equipment

    I'm having issues implementing a feature into my game. What I would like to happen is an actor visits a trainer who teaches them how to use a new weapon type, without changing their class. The issue here is I can't find a way to do this with events. I've considered making replica classes where...
  5. Golden Fish Entertainment

    "Skill Booster" Accessories

    We are trying to figure out a way to have certain accessories in the game act as "boosters" for certain skills, IE if you have a "Doctor's Bag" equipped, then your "First Aid" skill will heal more HP per usage, etc. We were thinking that we could use a common event, something like...
  6. JamesIsMakingGames

    Changing equipment during battle (VX Ace)

    I'd like to add an option to the battle menu in VX ace that allows the character to change their equipment. For example; You'd be fighting a fire element enemy using an earth element weapon and with thunder element armor equipped. This new battle option would let you swap out your weapon and...
  7. Arisete™

    No Unequiping - WPN & ARM

    No Unequiping - WPN & ARM by Levi Stepp (Lankaino)       Introduction This script prevents you from unequiping anything in your weapon slot and your armor slot. You may still equip other weapons/armors as well. This also removes the Clear command from your Equip Screen to also prevent...
  8. kerbonklin

    Equipment that allows for altering script variables?

    This might be in the wrong section, i'm not sure. Let's say one of my scripts has a class/module where default variables amounts are held. (you know, where a user would customize the values in an editable region of the script)  Is there any known way or method to have equipments alter a...
  9. Sel Feena

    Party's equipped weapons/armour

    Sel Feena's Party Equipment Monitor V 1.0   Introduction This script allows users to automatically keep tabs on if specific weapons or armour are equipped by the current members of their party. This is done by creating a checklist inside the script; if the weapon/armour is equipped by one...
  10. Runic Enchantment

    this script don't functional!!!
  11. Hororo

    Rune scene/system

    i would like to request a script quite similar to suikoden rune system. Since ace has a feature that adds a trait to a specific item to learn that category of skill, rune system can be applied but i want it to have an extensive feature a scene rather also a condition. let's put an example, Red...
  12. Kread-EX

    Actor Inventory

    Actor Inventory Version: 1.11 Author: Kread-EX Introduction Inspired from the Suikoden series. Allows consumable items to be equipped and carried in battle, which means that only these can be used. It offers strategic options, as the player is forced to decide between using up equipment...

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