1. DestroyDX

    RMMV Turn based grid battle system

    I am making a game, and for this game I would like to have a turn based battle system that allows each actor and enemy to move along a grid divided into an enemy side and an ally side with skill ranges, area of affects, multi target and random selection depending on the skill used. Kind of like...
  2. richter_h

    RMVX [RSE] Eremidia: Archivist's Curse (d/h Chessmaster's Challenge)

    SYNOPSIS Archivist's Curse brings you into an otherworldly harbor of knowledge: The Great Library, although unfortunately, you ended up in the dangerous section of the complex called Hall of Pawnsmoor. To escape from the Hall, you have to take the test from The Chessmaster, Hall's current...
  3. TheoAllen

    RMVXA [RSW] Eremidia: Skyward Temple (Episode Zero)

    Title: Eremidia: Skyward Temple (Episode Zero) Devname: AED0 Developer: TheolizedRGSS3 / TheoAllen Playtime: ~15 minutes Disclaimer: While I submit this in complete game section, but personally for RSW submission, I think it's more appropriate for me to take a part in demo submission instead...
  4. TheoAllen

    RMVXA Eremidia Dungeon: Skyward Temple (Updated @ 2018.11.06)

    RMN Page : Click here Alternative Name : Another ED Code Name : AED Engine : RPG Maker VX Ace Genre : Dungeon Crawling RPG Playtime : Approx. 2 ~ 4 Hours Story and Introduction : This is a simple short story about three young people who bravely explore an unexplored ruin called the "Skyward...

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