error crash

  1. Please Help, program is not running.

    My computer has just been formatted, but when I run the MV, it just turns off. Nothing happens after the title image appears briefly and disappears without any error message window. And when I saw Steam, the RPG MV was turned off. The same was true of reinstalling several times and checking for...
  2. Game in crasing

    Hi Guys, its my first post here and a need a help! I develop an mini visual novel for the education of geography. So i uploaded in and it worked untill first dialogue scene then he crashed. Does anyone know how to fix it? Here the link of the game:
  3. Animebryan

    Need help with an error

    After creating a new skill to test out a TP draining skill, my playtesting comes to a crashing halt thanks to some stupid error. At first I thought it was caused by using SRD's HUD Maker to customize my Battle HUD, so I disabled both plugins & tried again with the default layout (default for YEP...
  4. Failed to load

    I try to download games from the Internet. The game is hand made. When I went in, I found out that there are many games that show almost every game. What should I do? Please tell me. (Sorry, I'm not good at languages) P.S. I'm not the creator of these games. I do not know how to do it. I try...
  5. ArgonianSam

    Missing png?

    So whenever I send out the demo of my game to my beta testers they can’t play past the first battle. As soon as the enemy attacks the game says it’s missing the howl.png file which is used in the basic attack and several other animations. I checked the files and howl is there but for some reason...
  6. Ras101

    "Wrong number of arguments" error

    Hi, I'm getting an error that says "wrong number of arguments (1 for 3)" and the error occurs at Game_Player line 235 whenever I get into a random encounter with an enemy. I've never encountered this error before. Is it a script conflict? I've installed a few new scripts since I last tested the...

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