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  1. Corealys

    RMMV Cannot Read Property "Contains" of Undefined

    Hello all. So I've recently come across an issue with my RPG maker MV playtesting which, up until now, never existed. Whenever I enter a new area using the "transport player" code, the following error pops up: I've never come across this issue before and I'm not sure exactly what it means...
  2. Erratic Crashes During Playtesting (macOS)

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here so my apologies if it's in the wrong place. Context and Problem summary: I've been developing a game for a month or so in RMMV (macOS). Any time that I want to play test the game, test troop battles, or play a deployed version of the game, I can expect...
  3. RMMV Issues with a certain plugin(s)

    Edit: Previous question removed, because I am an idiot. the fix to this issue is simply locating the folder of which project I took the plugins from. I apologize for that. I do however have a new problem, though. clicking on the "new game" button, I am met with the error below. Anyone know a...
  4. RTP Support

    I'm sure y'all get plenty of posts asking about RTP issues, but I've been scrolling thru forums looking for answers for over an hour now and have found nothing. So here I am asking directly! I've been trying to run some Yume Nikki fangames developed on the RPG Maker 2003 engine, and keep running...
  5. jedite1000

    RMMZ Error when doing action sequence Visustella

    I downloaded visustella action sequence plug in and i messed around with plugin and created a simple common event with using just the attack skill. First thing is when i loaded up the game i get a window pop up called devtools chrome extension dunno why it popped up maybe someone could explain...
  6. Bandito

    When I install any npm packages and I restart RMMZ, the dependencies are deleted from package.json

    Ok so my issue is that when I install a NPM package via the terminal (Using NPM and node) the dependencies section gets deleted after I restart RMMZ. After downloading the package and installing, everything is working fine and dandy, but I just noticed that in the package.json, the dependencies...
  7. Plugin-related errors after disabling the plugin

    Lately, I've downloaded a plugin that's supposed to fix the audio lag in RPG Maker MV. It worked! My game runs smoothly and there are no real issues with it, however the options menu is absolutely broken, even if the options don't involve audio at all. For example, "always dash". Before posting...
  8. Error in my project RPG MAKER MV

    I am brazillian sorry my english is very bad,I have one problem on the RMMV, I click to test a game but this erro happens ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND
  9. Project 7

    RPGMaker MV has stopped working?

    I use Steam for RPGMakers and I keep getting the error 'RPGMaker MV has stopped working' and I don't know how to fix it. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. Thank you for your time.
  10. plubic_void21

    Type Error: isBattleMember

    I'm not a technical person by any means, i've tried to understand where this issue is coming from, but i'm unfortunately dumbfounded. I recently started working head first on this commercial project, when i'm hit with the error "Type Error: cannot read property "isBattleMember" of undefined"...
  11. Rpg Maker Mv Cannot Read property ' ExpParams' of undefined.

    Need help with a problem with plugin. I have been using yanfly status menu plugin and it was fine until today. Everytime i go to status in the ingame menu, the game showed me "cannot read property 'expParams' of undefined"
  12. Almightypebble

    [MV] Cannot read property

    Hey guys. So I turned off a few plugins to try and see why something wasn't working, but when I turned the same plugins back on it gave me an error: Cannot read property "8" of undefined. Used F8 and got this. Can someone please help me figure out what the problem is? Thank you!
  13. Moghunter Battle HUD game crash

    For some reason whenever I turn on Moghunter's Battle HUD plugin it causes my game to crash. Please help, I don't know what to do. Here's the error console message: load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND file:///C:/Users/Lenovo/Documents/Games/Brothers%20of%20Trinity/js/libs/pixi-picture.js...
  14. ShadowAceFlyer

    Error Help

    Script " line 22: Syntax occured. unexpected keyword_end,expecting $end end # VISUAL_BATTLERS I cant get it to work i wonder if i need a new script

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