1. How do I fix this "unexpected $end" error

    I was trying to use Yanfly Ace Battle Engine script for my game, when suddenly this error message: Script 'BattleManager' line 1405: SyntaxError ocurred. unexpected $end, expecting keyword_end end So I searched online and I found that this error...
  2. Browser Save Error RPG Maker MV

    Hey so recently I ported over a build of my game to a browser HTML format (main version is Windows) and hosted it on Newgrounds as the main engine but I had a player who ran into a save glitch where the game gives him an img error when trying to save, load more or less bricking his build. I...
  3. Woomyand_Veemo

    Playtesting only ends up at a black screen

    I was trying to make an edit to the SV battler positions rpg_sprites.js and made sure to make a backup for my file. When I saved and tried to playtest, it wouldn't even show the title screen. I was like "Okay, I'll just plug the backup back into my files" But it didn't fix it? I have no idea why...
  4. Lady_Elva

    Type Error Cannot read property 'isOnMessage' of null when battle testing.

    Hello, I was trying to battle test my game on RMMZ version 1.7.0 and I received the Type Error Cannot read property 'isOnMessage' of null and I am not sure how to fix it or really where to check to see what's wrong. I didn't really make much changes to things so I'm not sure what went wrong. I...
  5. Export problems

    Hello everyone! im working on my project and i wonder if i need to do extra steps when i export my game. I exported my game and give it to a friend to play it, but his screen was black and game doesnt start, not a single error or something, just black screen. When i test the same game, there is...
  6. breadbro

    RMMZ i need help with phoenix kage desu plugins

    Hi I’m new to rpg maker and plugins. I found a bug with the pkd alt equip window and pkd shop when you open a shop while you have equip window enabled it show this error this.update MovingAnimation is not a function. help would be appreciated
  7. RMMZ Relatively New, plugins not working when adding VisuMZ core, also dev tools message

    As said in the title, my plugins stopped working when I added the Visustella core engine and battle core. I also get this dev tool message which I can't decipher. Here's some images Here's my plugins:
  8. RMMV I can’t get magic to cause damage to enemies using chrono engine

    I’m currently in development of a game I’ve long wanted to make and finally found it possible with chrono engine. I followed some tutorials on YouTube and everything was going fine for the most part, but when I started adding magic things started going wrong. I couldn’t add spells to my tool map...
  9. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Common event reset after save

    I have this event that waits a certain amount of time for a cutscene to occur, but if you save the time resets, so you can't progress if you keep saving.
  10. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Events shake when you walk diagonally, it's more noticeable in doors

    I have no idea why it happens, if someone knows how to fix it please tell me. https://media.giphy.com/media/TSME2jELn2Ts6vx67g/giphy.mp4 These are the plugins I use
  11. Controller gamepad not working after reconnection

    Hello there, I am using (and is necessary for my game) a logitech joystick (attack 3 or extreme pro 3) and when it gets disconnected, and want to reconnect it, it doesn't work anymore. and I can't afford to restart the game, the way it is designed. Does anyone know why, and if so, is there a...
  12. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ Visustella - 8 Waves Plugin Issues?

    Hello everyone. I have recently purchased the 8 waves bundle deal from Visustella. Unfortunately, I am now running into a small issue with some of the plugins. I am currently trying to set everything up, but when I open up my RPG Maker Game I get this issue and I am not entirely sure what the...
  13. lazysmokexxx

    RMMV Custom image background for an Error/Crash?

    MV's error screen is just a black screen, or sometimes slightly darkened screen with yellow text displaying the error. That's fine, and I don't want to change anything about the actual Log Report, but is there some way to use a custom image instead of just the black background?
  14. DuckBornDave

    error when entering battles - AltMenuScreen2MZ "Uncaught TypeError: this.isSceneNeedsAdjustGauge is not a function"

    Hi folks, first time posting in a long time so unclear if this should be a new thread or linked to the one mentioned below. I recently added the AltMenuScreen2MZ plugin into my RPG Maker MZ project (Steam version with DLC plugins) and it works fine for the most part, however when entering...
  15. Callan1990

    RMMV Need help with a bug or a compatibility issue?

    I am currently using Moghunter Chrono Engine ABS and MRP_Grid Inventory plugins. I keep getting this bug error whenever I open the item menu, it should open an equip window and inventory window. Please see screenshot below. Any help is appreciated! Thank you. I couldn't find a link to Moghunters...
  16. ColaLime

    What does "member.isAlive is not a function" mean and how to fix it ?

    Sorry I'm an eternal noob, and I have no idea what that means. Can someone help me please ? I can provide anything to make you understand
  17. ItsSuzy

    Chrome Extension - "Your file couldn't be accessed" Error

    Hello, I've run into a big problem that I have no clue how to fix and it's been bothering me since it started happening last night. I decided to update my nw.js from version 0.29.4 to version 0.49.2, following the step by step guide in order to do so and everything seemed to have worked fine. I...
  18. Arthran

    Verbose Error Screen

    Verbose Error Screen v1.10 By: Arthran Introduction This plugin makes it so that when an error occurs in your RPG Maker MZ game, it will display the stack trace along with the error message. For those that don't know, the stack trace is the chain of function calls that ultimately lead to the...
  19. I have a problem with error.

    Sometimes when i play my game i got this error: "Uncought NotSupportedError: Failed to execute 'createBuffer' on 'BaseAudioContext': createBuffer(2,321664,44100) failed." Can anyone tell me what is this error and how to fix it? I appreciate any help. Here is a photo of this error:
  20. Error occurs in this script

    When running a script in RPG Maker XP, I'm getting a NoMethodError with the message 'undefined method =nil:NilClass'. Where could this error be occurring and how can I resolve it? I was gonna try to add some vore in this game but it seems like it just gives me an error and won't work. # Define...

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