1. RMMV Yanfly Engine not working.

    Hello, I am a newbie looking into game developing. In a video I watched about making a game in RPG Maker MV someone recommended a resolution plugin for RPG Maker MV called Yanfly. I of course looked into it and tried to download the Plugin through I don't know why but everytime I try to...
  2. DK

    Send Error - Send a POST request when an error is received to the specified URL

    Title: Send Error Version: 1.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to send a POST request when an error is received to the specified URL. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Instruction: Preview: “Help” languages: English, Russian Terms of use You can: -To use...
  3. Parlu10

    Problem with adding new character in game

    Hi everyone, I've had a problem with adding new characters in my game. After a timeskip, my game introduces a new character; however, this new character is invisibile, it doesn't have any sprite and it's like adding an empty slot, even if the character has all the sprites, his own class and...
  4. RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  5. jamcub

    RMMV Sprite Layering Issue

    I've run into a really, really weird issue. Using the Time Fantasy and some of the add on packs (see screenshot below for details): I have a town here: Using these tilets in their respective spots: I get these ... weird issues on some of the buildings but not always...? Why ... is that...
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to make a little alpha for my roommates and I keep getting different errors, please help?

    Some of the errors I get are like this: [0831/] Failed to load NW DLL from L:\wolf'sgame\Alpha\0.1\Project1\nw.dll: %1 is not a valid Win32 application. (0xC1) and others are like this: Windows cannot find L:\wolf'sgame\Alpha\0.1\Project1\Game.exe I've...
  7. Ultimecio777

    RMMV Encountered Error While Using SumRndmDde's Summon Core And Summon Battler Images Plugins With Yanfly's Plugins in RPG Maker MV.

    *Apologies For Reposting. This Was Originally On The Wrong Thread...Sorry About That.* Ok, So I've Used RPG Maker MV For A While, And Decided To Buy Yanfly's Full Collection Of Plugins. I Also Found 2 Plugins Made By SumRndmDde, Which Is The Summon Core And Summon Battler Images Plugins. It...
  8. Parallax Panda

    Low-spec laptops can't play MZ games?

    So, I've mentioned this before in the launch thread(s) but my old laptop can't play MZ games. Whenever I try to test play a project or play a game someone else has deployed (like those Japanese demo games for example), I'm greeted with this error message: And just for reference, here's my...
  9. Fantasmi_Gammes

    Problem with my project

    The problem (which I do not understand) is that it asks me for a file that is inside the indicated folder, I do not know if there is any incompatibility in the plugins but I put here three images: the game folder where the files are, the game error and the plugins.
  10. Bug encounter on battle with Yanfly and Olivia plugin

    Hi Everyone, I am using Yanfly plugins and Olivia plugins and during a boss battle i use some "Force-Actions" when life drop at 50% then 25%. Sometimes the game enter in conflict and sometimes not. I have no clue to know what make this happen. I took a screenshot if someone understand it...
  11. Error Deployment to web

    Hi all I have been working on a game for a long time and when it comes to exporting it to the web, I am not able to make it work. The export for windows game.exe works perfectly, but when I export it for the web there is no way it will work. It gives me a lot of errors related to the actors.js...
  12. ccarmine

    [MV] Scripts in Show Text using Variables

    Hi everyone, i'd like the event to say the name of the weapon i have equipped. //in the event page I save the script in a variable: V002 = $[0] and then in the show text i put -> \v[2] but when i'm in game it gives me the text [object Object] instead of (in this...
  13. RPG Maker Automatically Closing After Opening

    Hello everyone! So I have run into a problem that I am no longer able to solve. Something that began happening a long time ago during my development is sometimes when I saved and closed MV while the world map was loaded, MV would then fail to open the next time I tried. When I would try to open...
  14. uncaught error: argument error, I need help

    Hi, I hope someone can help me, I'm making a project and I'm trying to prove all the Yanfly plugins, The last one I tried was DragonBones, and I loved it, It works perfectly in the test play, in the game for windows .exe, but when I tried to play it in the android apk in my phone, it didn't...
  15. Necrojoker00

    SumRndmDde Battle intro error

    The animation plays then this message appears "this.spriteset.hideCharacters is not a function".
  16. Fantasmi_Gammes

    Problem with an Yanfly Plugin.

    Ok, so when I go to download the "YEP_BattleEngineCore" on the OFFICIAL Yanfly website, the download was removed, literally the download is removed, and my face was like: º<º (wtf?) And when I download the "all free yanfly plugins" bundle I download the file and in a few seconds the file...
  17. Starzgaming

    Help with the yanfly victory aftermath plugin

    So I recently got this plugin with the core engine plugins as well however the victory aftermath plugin gives me the error of Loading error Failed to load: audio/bgm/undefined.ogg I do have a bgm set for this plugin though and I do have a .ogg file for as well. I was wondering if anyone can...
  18. Xyonel

    Strange behavior of .match() function..

    hey I'm here again asking for infos: this is the first common event script call that works well: function makeid(length) { var result = ''; var characters = 'LETTERS'; for ( var i = 0; i < length; i++ ) { result += characters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() *...
  19. Dicleon

    SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier Yanfly Autopassive state [RESOLVED]

    Hello, today I bought the plugin bundle of yanfly to have everything around and to update my plugins, but now i'm in a pickle whenever I launch the game a daunting error pop up. I've never had this error nor any issue with Auto passive state, and i'm using it actively. If i switch the plugin...
  20. mogneto

    [SOLVED] Galv's Visual Novel Choices x Krimer's Call Menu x YEP Core Engine incompatibility

    Hello everyone! As I posted before, I am working on a Visual Novel project, and I'm using Galv's plugin for the choices and Krimer's plugin so players can call the menu during dialogs. The only problem is that after I call the menu during a choice (with galv's plugin active), firstly the menu...

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