1. bg400

    Ok, I keep getting an error that I have yet to find a proper solution for....

    It's for a remake of Mario game that was a made a long time ago. I've been able to open it up just fine before, but lately, whenever I try to load it up now, this happens. And no, this doesn't happen when I load the old game. Can anyone help me out?
  2. Help with (Error Failed to load: data/Actors.json

    So basically all im trying to do is convert my game to an ios app for testing on my phone. I am using the manual to do this and everything has been working fine until, while trying to follow the 4-1-6 step on the “converting to an ios app” where you basically use an iphone simulator on mac to...
  3. Wavelength

    Help! - "Failed to Initialize Graphics" Error (MZ)

    Hi all - really hoping someone can help me with this, because it's making it impossible to test any of my work in RMMZ. This only started happening two days ago (March 17), but every time I try to Test Play one of my games, or run one of my games from the Deployed Project folder, the game...
  4. Can someone help me figure out this error while running the setup for a game made using RPG Maker 2003?

    I've created the game installer successfully but when I run the set up from the newly created installer I get the error seen in the attached photo.

    RMMV Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token �

    I've had to put my game on ice for a few years due to other obligations. Version is MV 1.5.2 Just getting back to it now, and I have some strange issue when I attempt to play test it, I get the following error right off the bat. If I zero in on the contents of the debugger, I see the...
  6. RMMV Please help to fix that

    Pleaseeeee help to fix that, i need use this awesome script.

    Bug playing my RPG Game

    I am getting an error playing my game.exe file. I need help fixing it please. here it is Game has encountered a bug. Please report it. ReferenceError: makeVideoPlayableInline is not defined at Function.Graphics._createVideo (rpg_core.js:2501:5) at Function.Graphics._createAllElements...
  8. MasterBrawler

    Help, the character moves alone

    When I run the game, my character moves without pressing the arrow keys. The up arrow key doesn't work in the game, so I can't play my game. I unistalled RPG Maker for 2 times but It still not working. Help me please.
  9. eggghh

    RMMV TyperError: Failed to execute 'createLinearGradient' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D': The provided double value is non-finite.

    this is related to yep_battleenginecore. im not sure if other plugins conflict or what. it doesn't make any sense. i'm not drawing gradients. these are my plugins please do not reply with "i have the same problem"
  10. Ennalight

    SRD_HUDMaker is giving error: Cannot read 'height' property of Null

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help me with this error I am receiving. I was working on creating a custom food and water HUD system using SomeRandomDude 's plugin HUDMaker. Here is the link to the plugin: http://sumrndm.site/hud-maker/ I was trying to make the gauge go vertical and...
  11. downloaded game failed to load audio

    hey i downloaded a game that was made in rpgmaker but when i play it i get this failed to load: error for an audio file, is there any way i can fix this myself i have rpgmaker MV but im totally new. how do i fix this?
  12. AkisaNemo

    Player Movement error

    Hello, this happened out of nowhere and I have no idea what caused it. Whenever I try to move my character around, this error message would pop up. As a side note, I'm using Galv's region effects.
  13. RMMV ABS stopped working for literally no reason.

    I was using chrono engine abs and everything was working great. Without changing a single thing between playtests all of a sudden no attacks or skills function anymore. Is this an issue anyone else has had? If so how did you fix it? If not how would you suggest I diagnose this?
  14. Bug Special Effect Escape Bug

    I've been trying to create an item (smoke grenade) that when used causes the party to escape 100% of the time. However, when I attempt to use the RTP database commands and parameters, it results in an instant game over. After putting breakpoints into the js.manager code, I saw that it goes...
  15. RMMV Yanfly Engine not working.

    Hello, I am a newbie looking into game developing. In a video I watched about making a game in RPG Maker MV someone recommended a resolution plugin for RPG Maker MV called Yanfly. I of course looked into it and tried to download the Plugin through itch.io. I don't know why but everytime I try to...
  16. DK

    Send Error - Send a POST request when an error is received to the specified URL

    Title: Send Error Version: 1.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to send a POST request when an error is received to the specified URL. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Instruction: Preview: “Help” languages: English, Russian Terms of use You can: -To use...
  17. Parlu10

    Problem with adding new character in game

    Hi everyone, I've had a problem with adding new characters in my game. After a timeskip, my game introduces a new character; however, this new character is invisibile, it doesn't have any sprite and it's like adding an empty slot, even if the character has all the sprites, his own class and...
  18. CardeMaker

    RMMV Error in SRD_SupertoolsEngine

    Hi everyone! Recently i was trying to use Supertools Engine in my project, but when i try it, THIS happens So, when i was searching for help, in the internet, because my programming knowledge is ZERO, i notice that a very few other persons had any problem, and nobody had the same as me, i...
  19. jamcub

    RMMV Sprite Layering Issue

    I've run into a really, really weird issue. Using the Time Fantasy and some of the add on packs (see screenshot below for details): I have a town here: Using these tilets in their respective spots: I get these ... weird issues on some of the buildings but not always...? Why ... is that...

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