1. RMMV MOG SCENE_ITEM ERROR: Key Item is crashing my game

    Help! I have very little coding knowledge and Mog Scene_Item is crashing my game when I try to use a Key item that boots up the Character naming window. I have all Mog Scene plugins installed and everything else works just fine. So I'm kinda lost on what to do. Could anyone help? Thank you! ♥
  2. Failed to load tileset message

    Failed to load img/tilesets/aquarium%2520walls.png ^ was the message that popped up whenever i tried going into an area with this specific tileset name. Now I would imagine that the issue has to do with that pesky little percent sign in the name of the tileset. Which was weird because I never...
  3. Fruityume

    “Failed to initialize graphics” Error - MZ (MacBook)

    I’m new to RPG Maker MZ and when I click “Playtest”, it will show “Error. Failed to initialize graphics.”: The thing that’s worked, is going into the “Package” file and pasting the code: "chromium-args": "--enable-webgl --ignore-gpu-blacklist", I save the file, and the Playtest runs this way...
  4. leviathantd

    RMMZ YEP Core Engine Error: this._clearUpperCanvas is not a function

    Hi, I am a new user and I downloaded YEP Core Engine to change the resolution of my game. Whenever I have the plugin active I get this error, I tried disabling all my plugins and doing an unchanged new instance of this plugin and I get this same error. Uncaught TypeError...
  5. Majike

    RM2K3 - Text Not Displaying Instantly

    Hey everyone! I seem to be having a problem getting this function to work properly on the official Steam release of RM2K3: As far as I can see online, I SHOULD be doing it properly, but the text just displays at the regular steady pace instead of appearing instantly. Below is the test code...
  6. Smile10boy

    How to make a project on RPG Maker XP on Windows 10?

    Please help me! How to make a project on Windows 10 in RPG Maker XP? Last time I was using RPG Maker XP on Windows 11, and it has no errors, but I install RPG Maker XP to Windows 10, then I want to make a project, but it gives me a error:"Failed to copy folder", I actually remember that I have...
  7. MeowCatMeow

    RMMZ "TypeError" received while using script calls.

    Hi! I am trying to complete examples from a RPG Maker MZ Plugin Tutorial I got from this link and one of the examples tells me to try to run "$dataActors[1].name;" as a script and that it should return the name of the first actor in the Database. However, when I try to run it, I get the message...
  8. sorta44

    Tileset ingame appears as just black. Using default editor, and am experimenting something.

    Basically, ingame, my tileset appears as just black. I'm trying out upscaling images, and wow it works perfectly in the editor, but when the game starts up, it's just black. Here, look at this image. I will provide my tileset if needed.
  9. eggghh

    Weird bug. Cannot fullscreen my game

    I don't know if i tweaked one too many scripts, or what. when I attempt to fullscreen my test game, this happens: i cannot resize the window. my index.html looks like this:
  10. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Special attacks do not appear in battle.

    Special attacks do not appear in battle, does anyone know how to fix it? These are the plugins I have:
  11. CaptainGameMaker

    RMMV Eli_CustomParameters & Eli_ClassCurves Error Message

    Hello @Eliaquim! I downloaded your link that you sent in your reply in my other post. I now have the Eli_Book, Eli_CustomParameters, and Eli_ClassCurves. I will post Pictures of my plugin order as well as the error messages that show. Plugin Order: Error Message With Eli ClassCurves ON...
  12. RMMZ (Visustella) More currencies plugin

    Can someone please show me how to work this plugin? Like how to add a trading system for a shop or currency. I’ve been all over trying to figure it out and can’t get it to work because it can’t find the proxy when I make one. I’m new to scrips and programming but I really want to get this to...
  13. FAWKS

    Getting an error after transferring to new computer...

    I just bought a new laptop and planned to move my game development onto the laptop. I put the game files onto a portable SSD and transferred them. All the game files from the original folder seem to be there. The issue now is that the game will randomly crash when I'm testing. I keep getting...
  14. Yanntastisch

    VX Ace - Luna Press Turn Battle Error "undefined method"

    Hello there. I put Luna's script Press Turn Battle into my game as it is looking very promising. But when I try to start the game, this error appears: line 195: NameError accured undefined method 'setup_battle' for class "Module" I haven't found any solution in the comments of the script...
  15. Tileset Builder, need help.

    I don't understand what I'm doing wrong and I've tried everything but nothing seems to work.When I've tried to add in the Sakan in the rpg maker mv, I see nothing on the Found Tools when I tried to add it in the rpg maker tools. Not to mention when I've tried to open the game on the tileset...
  16. Tileset Builder, need help.

    I don't understand what I'm doing wrong and I've tried everything but nothing seems to work.When I've tried to add in the Sakan in the rpg maker mv, I see nothing on the Found Tools when I tried to add it in the rpg maker tools. Not to mention when I've tried to open the game on the tileset...
  17. I need help with this error

    when i want to use recovery skill to resurrect a comrade during battle, a pop up appears that says "Cannot read property 'faceName' of undefined. please help
  18. BrickleYourFrickle

    Need help fixing a bug when enemies Escape (Fomar0153's ATB - Yanfly Battle Engine addon script)

    Anyway, I ran into a problem using Fomar0153's "YanFly Compatible Customisable ATB/Stamina Based Battle System script" (found here). As it says, it requires Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine, which I am also using... The problem: Whenever an enemy uses the "Escape" ability in battle, the game will...
  19. RMMV YEP Menu Glitch Crashes Game, Included Error Image.

    Hi, I am running into a bug where in the change party member screen crashes if i exit the menu with the second actor selected in my party. Here is a screenshot of the Error:
  20. Broliant112

    Victor Pixel Movement + JV Master 8 Dir Movement Stuck on Corners

    What a title - here is the error. I am using Victor Sant's Pixel Movement in conjunction with JV Master's 8 Dir Movement script. Any and all help is appreciated!

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