1. Xyonel

    Strange behavior of .match() function..

    hey I'm here again asking for infos: this is the first common event script call that works well: function makeid(length) { var result = ''; var characters = 'LETTERS'; for ( var i = 0; i < length; i++ ) { result += characters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() *...
  2. Dicleon

    SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier Yanfly Autopassive state [RESOLVED]

    Hello, today I bought the plugin bundle of yanfly to have everything around and to update my plugins, but now i'm in a pickle whenever I launch the game a daunting error pop up. I've never had this error nor any issue with Auto passive state, and i'm using it actively. If i switch the plugin...
  3. mogneto

    [SOLVED] Galv's Visual Novel Choices x Krimer's Call Menu x YEP Core Engine incompatibility

    Hello everyone! As I posted before, I am working on a Visual Novel project, and I'm using Galv's plugin for the choices and Krimer's plugin so players can call the menu during dialogs. The only problem is that after I call the menu during a choice (with galv's plugin active), firstly the menu...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Can't move on A2 tiles with specific tileset (set as passable)

    So I have come across a very weird problem. On two of my maps that use the same tileset I can't move on the A2 tiles, even though they're all set to passable. See the spoiler below; I know what you're thinking. Is there an event that runs an "Auto-run process" on that map? No, there are no...
  5. Pupsi

    LTN_Core plugin battle error

    So I have a small problem with this plugin that I can't solve. I use the LTN Core plugin to be able to use the LTN quest journale plugin. The Quest System with the editor works as it should, but the core plugin seems to trigger a type error everytime I want to start a battle. I have seen a...
  6. nhathao130999

    SRD hud maker + SRD character creator EX not compatible

    These two plugins are not compatible with each other. I use HUD Maker to create a character face and using CCEX to change the appearance of the character, I get this error message: Is there a way for them to be compatible? Or are there any plugins compatible with CCEX? I need help. This is...
  7. Problem with android export.(uncaught error: argument error)

    I finished my game and it worked every time in playtest and on PC with the .exe. Then i tried to export to android (.apk), i'm a totally noob so i followed this guide The .apk was created succefully...
  8. Error in-game when transferring to a certain map

    I've used a map for a long time, now - everytime I teleport/transfer a player to this map, this error occurs. I have the Swap_tilex script installed. Is that relevant to this issue? The screenshots shows the error and the scripts I've been using. Thanks in advance!
  9. ForbiddenKraken

    Getting an Error after Removing Yanfly Battle Engine Core Plugin

    Hi all, I'm not able to utilize my battle system anymore after removing the Yanfly Battle Engine Core Plugin. I initially combined it with Some Random Dude (known as SRDude on Youtube)'s Status Battle Customizer, only to find the status windows on the very top of my screen, like in the...
  10. KnockzyBunz

    Help! This error keeps popping up when I try testing out battles!

    I don't know why it keeps occuring. I've tried restarting the software and turning off all my plugins. Nothing seems to work. It doesn't appear to be the type of enemy since I'm just using the default MV ones. Idk what to do anymore,
  11. Segtenda

    Confusing Plugin Error

    Hello, I'm quite new here & I have a confusing error that I stumbled across while I was making my game. I tried out the DragonBones plugins & followed through the instructions on how to set it up. When I first play tested the game, I had the DragonBones undefined error & went for other...
  12. Help! Variable Issue

    Pardon me if this is in wrong place, I am new here xD I am trying to make variable check. First the script get number of item ID 1 and sets it as variable. Then conditional branch checks it. But it ends like this in test. What's gone wrong here? Thank you in advance!
  13. Please help me! The map is deleted.

    Hello! I recently faced a difficult problem. If you save and run a project while it is being created, the rpg mv suddenly shuts down. No error message appears when mv is forcefully terminated. After that, the files and maps that you recently worked on will be deleted. This makes it so hard for...
  14. ZoeZero

    Help! Gamepad not working at all

    So, I had playtested the game with the Xbox One, Xbox 360 gamepads and Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. After some time, I just realized it worked well and I could keep using the keyboard, since it's more comfortable for me. Then, recently, I've tried to use the Xbox One gamepad, but it simply didn't...
  15. PaintingWitch

    Directshow Error (VFW_E_UNSUPPORTED STREAM) error when playing movies

    (I'm still fairly new to RPG Maker 2003 after switching to it from XP, so I'm not really aware of many specific requirements when importing files of any sort.) So, I'm currently trying to play a movie for a cutscene in my game, but whenever I try to do so, I get an "unsupported stream" error...
  16. Shinyshenanigans

    Problems with plugin and syntax

    Hi! I've been trying to make this plugin work: However, it's been giving me a syntax error. I don't know any programming so I don't really know what I'm looking at. Here's some screenshots I took: Here's the plugin code: Let...
  17. Nightblade50

    Script Conflict? Crashing in Battle

    Hey. I am using a few scripts for the battle in my RPG Maker game. 1. Galv's Animated Battlers 2. Moghunter's Battle HUD Ex 3. Mogunter's ATB Now I have this one battle in which halfway through, another character joins the fight. I set this up with an event triggered to run in the battle, using...
  18. Plugin-related errors after disabling the plugin

    Lately, I've downloaded a plugin that's supposed to fix the audio lag in RPG Maker MV. It worked! My game runs smoothly and there are no real issues with it, however the options menu is absolutely broken, even if the options don't involve audio at all. For example, "always dash". Before posting...
  19. Xyonel

    yanfly action sequence 1 2 3

    Hello everyone, This is my first public post here(yay) I'm glad to see a thriving community among all rpgmakerians :p I hope some of you could help me understanding some of base working property of those plugins cause even if my use of those is simple I've encountered many bug and missing...
  20. Fiskarien

    Can't get Yanfly stuff to work...

    Okay, so I got RPG Maker MV a couple of days ago (I used VX Ace about 4 years ago and haven't been back since then). I am currently making a game and I am trying to implement side-view custom enemies. I've downloaded the Yanfly sideview scripts and, as far as I can see, I have all of the...

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