1. RMMV YEP Menu Glitch Crashes Game, Included Error Image.

    Hi, I am running into a bug where in the change party member screen crashes if i exit the menu with the second actor selected in my party. Here is a screenshot of the Error:
  2. Broliant112

    Victor Pixel Movement + JV Master 8 Dir Movement Stuck on Corners

    What a title - here is the error. I am using Victor Sant's Pixel Movement in conjunction with JV Master's 8 Dir Movement script. Any and all help is appreciated!
  3. BrickleYourFrickle

    Can't Escape with Fomar0153's ATB

    I'm using Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine and Fomar0153's ATB system scripts. Normally, with the ATB script, Escaping works like this: You select the Escape option from the left menu, and the party's ATB bars charge up. When everyone's ATB bar is full, then you will escape from battle. I've noticed...
  4. yawk

    RMMV A bug with yesterday post... [SOLVED]

    Hello, yesterday I published a thread in which I asked for a script call or plugin that loads a slot from an event. I asked because I didn't find anything since my game didn't use the save, load and title screen scenes, because I'm doing them by events. So far so good, they gave me a solution...
  5. Winshifter

    Error: Failed to initialize graphics. Editor animations tab not showing preview.

    I get this weird error when trying to playtest any project, even vanilla projects. Also, the animations tab in the editor shows the preview as black image. You can hear it plays it, but neither the background or the example enemy shows in the editor. This doesn't happen in other tabs of the...
  6. SithLordSky

    Cannot read property 'length' of undefined

    So I had changed a lot of things on the game I was creating, and I had reverted the animations tab in the database back to the preprogrammed set. I did make sure to update the weapon animations to make sure that they were still using the proper ones, (i.e. a sword slashing and not using a magic...
  7. All good, thanks for your help :)

    Hi, I am trying to make my own game to steam with RPG Maker VX. My friends are getting this "RPGVX RTP is not found.", and yes I HAVE RUNTIME PACKAGE INSTALLED and sent to them My files looks like this: so everything should be there, but all my friends are getting this: Everything should...
  8. TypeError: Cannot read property 'parent' of undefined (RPG MAKER MV)

    Hello. I'm trying to set up a combat system in the form of cards from Irina, but when I finish the fight, such an error appears. I'm a beginner, so I need help. I tried to disable plugins the demo is working, but it doesn't want to in my game.
  9. CardeMaker

    RMMV SRD_SupertoolsEngine Crashing error

    BIG TEXT ALERT Ok, first things first, i've already made an thread about the same problem more than one year ago, but it has gone nowhere because i didn't gave enought details, the only thing that i discovered with that thead is that probably some data file on my project is corrupted, that is...
  10. swordsvswords

    RMMV Galv_ScreenButtons error in a event

    hi, I encountered an error while trying to create a "cancel" button on the event. The event can be reopened if closed by clicking the esc key on the keyboard, but cannot be reopened if you click the cancel button on the screen. and can be reopened again by opening and closing the menu. does...
  11. RMMV Issues with a certain plugin(s)

    Edit: Previous question removed, because I am an idiot. the fix to this issue is simply locating the folder of which project I took the plugins from. I apologize for that. I do however have a new problem, though. clicking on the "new game" button, I am met with the error below. Anyone know a...
  12. ScytheX

    RMMZ VisuStella MZ Class Change System error

    so i'm testing some VisuStella plugins and i was mees with the class change plugin, mainly the subclass function however when i add a subclass i get an error here does anyone know how to fix this or whats causing it? i haven't change or add anything that i think would cause this i just added...
  13. Load TypeError 'displayName' of null

    Good day. When writing the code, I ran into a problem where the name of the map $gameMap.displayName() in the load menu gives an error TypeError Сannot read property 'displayName' of null', but when loading everything works fine, and the gold indicator $gameParty.gold() works fine. Please tell...
  14. Load TypeError 'displayName' of null

  15. Mercedes90

    RMMV QMovment & QPlus Plugins not working...

    So, I've found a free movement plugin that removes the gridlock, but it turns out to be in total error. Any way to fix this? IF not, then is there another similar Plugin?
  16. RMMV QSprite problem + Parralax problem

    I cannot undertsand why QSprite is working uncorrectly. Everything was working before but now not.
  17. RMMV QABS script error

    I have no idea why the error is here. When I was trying to use my Sprite in Demo project there's still that problem
  18. Prime90034

    RMMV Enemy Failing to Transform TypeError

    I'm currently having an issue trying to get an enemy to transform with custom sprites. Whenever I beat the enemy down to the correct amount of Hp, and the dialogue signals. It crashes, I've looked at multiple things, and tried tracking my steps backward but it hasn't worked.
  19. Axethrasher99

    RMMZ Visustella MZ Battle Core Plugin Help

    Hey guys, This is my first time posting on the forum and I'm not quite sure this is the right place to post this, but I just installed and started using Visustella's Core Engine, Battle Core, and Weapon Animation plugins, in that order, in my project and though I haven't touched any settings...
  20. CardeMaker

    RMMV Problem with SRD Supertools Engine

    I made a topic with this problem a while ago but it had gone nowhere, now i'm here again. so, i have this error with SRD SuperTools Engine every time i launch the game, i don't know if it's the same error from the last time, but this time i'm a bit more wise about it. i know this is not an...

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