1. Is a plugin rewriting RMMZ codebase into ES6 standard a good idea?

    I think such a plugin has at least the following potential advantages: 1. Those avoiding direct prototyping like a plague can work with an ES6 version 2. Those not being familiar with ES5 don't have to learn this outdated approach, especially when it's just for writing RMMZ plugins 3. As this...
  2. Kino

    RPGMakerMV [ES6] Strings

    You can find the post here. Introduction Strings are a part of almost any object-oriented programming language. Today, we're going to discuss some of the basics of strings, and what new features are available to us with strings when using ES6. Strings Strings are a sequence of characters and...
  3. nio kasgami

    How to Extends / Alias / Overwrite existing class in MZ/ ES6 [Tutorial]

    Hi there! As MZ is now officially confirmed to be full ES6 us programmer can now use the ES6 javascript as the official javascript coding standard. ES6? what is the differences between ES5? Well here's a quick look at how class are defined in ES5 and ES6 // ES5 class function Scene_Dummy() {...
  4. trapless

    Scene template for MV 1.6.0+ (ES6 syntax)

    For MV 1.6.0+ class Scene_Es6_Template extends Scene_Base { //constructor is the new initialize constructor() { super(...arguments); } initialize() { super.initialize(); } create() { super.create(); } start() { super.start(); } update() {...
  5. Kino

    JavaScript Promises

    JavaScript Promises Promises are the new kid on the block when it comes to handling asynchronous functions in JavaScript. But, before we can talk promises, we have to talk about asynchronous briefly. Asynchronous Functions And Callback Triangle Asynchronous functions are functions that...
  6. Quxios


    ElectronMV v1.1.X ( Electron only works for windows 7 and newer ) Electron wrapper for RPG Maker MV. Wrapping MV with Electron gives a handful of benefits. One of the main benefits includes in this wrapper is being able to remember the window position, size and if it was full screened the...
  7. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 3: Template Literals

    Introduction Today we discuss template literals, which are a new type of string in JavaScript. Compared to the other string types, template literals are more robust. Here are some of the features of template literals. Features Multiline strings Easy syntax for passing variables...
  8. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Feature List

    Introduction Hello, everyone! It’s time to discuss ES6, or JavaScript in RPGMaker MV(RMMV). Most code in RPGMaker MV is written in ES5. RPGMaker MV is an engine running on NW.js (or Node-webkit); the version is older (nw.js is 0.12.3), however this still allows developers to use some ES6...
  9. Kino

    RPGMaker MV ES6 Part 1 : Objects

    Introduction When developing plugins in RPGMaker MV (RMMV), there are two things I tend to use often. Those two things would be arrays, and objects. Objects are the focus of today’s post. In RMMV, objects are used for a couple purposes: namespacing, holding data, being used as a class. All of...

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