escape battles

  1. OpheliaEnigma

    Always Escape Plugin

    Always Escape Plugin+1.0.0 OpheliaEnigma Introduction Allows the player to always escape any escapable battle successfully. Features This plugin allows the player to always escape any escapable battle successfully. Lets players avoid any optional battles, perfect if the developer does not...
  2. Game Over when Escape

    Hi there! New RPG Maker MV user, and I was curious if I could make the game go into a Game Over sequence if someone escapes from a battle?
  3. SkullZMinus

    More Battle Escape Messages?

    Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place--this is my first thread on the site--but I'm working on a game with quite a few plugins, and I've set the escape chance to 100% using Yanfly's battle core plugin mostly because I don't want to force players to fight battles they're tired of fighting...
  4. Zireks

    Escaping battle leads to a black screen?

    So I have an event battle that ends in the player escaping but when it triggers, a black screen is displayed after the battle and I can't do anything. Any ideas?
  5. Need more control over the Escape option

    So I was playing around with the idea of a survival horror game where its more important to escape from a battle than to defeat your enemies, because they are way more powerful than you. My problem is the way the escape option is implemented. In general you have very little control over it, but...
  6. GreyStone84

    Auto Moving and Escape issues.

    Buddy of mine is playtesting the first part of my game for me and ran into this situation. I didn't see anyone else posting about it, so here it is. He says he used the alt+tab to switch over to some other program to check on a couple things and then came back to my game. Then his character...

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