escape codes

  1. Eliaquim

    Eli Escape Codes - Show almost EVERYTHING from database using escape codes!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction We already know that we can type \V[ID] to get a variable value to show on the message window. So if we want to show custom information that's not covered by the default escape codes, we can simply put it on the variable and show on the message. But, this...
  2. tale

    Opposite of \lastGet (Plugin Edit)

    I try editing "Last Get" Text plugin for an opposite counterpart, "Loss Get" About "Last Get" Text plugin- When using \lastGet in Text, it'll display icon and item name in message. Features - Shows icon and item name in text - Also include text for gold increase Example- For "Loss Get" On...
  3. Torqus

    Escape codes in Scenes

    So, I don't see anyone asking for this. I don't remember who did this in VX Ace, I think it was Victor and someone else had it too, a script that allowed to use the escape codes used in messages (specifically looking for Color and Icons) in the rest of the scenes, like the menu. So if I wanted...

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