escape skill

  1. Kes

    Escape skill

    I want to restrict Escape to the use of a skill, rather than something from the battle command menu. I have the skill call a common event with 'Abort Battle' command. However, obviously I don't want this to be usable for a boss battle, so need a way of restricting this if necessary. However...
  2. Omnimental

    Run, They're Trying To Kill Us! (Escaping from Battle)

    In an effort to reduce the feeling of "everything is a fight to the death", I've been setting my random encounters to have monsters be significantly more likely to run away as their HP gets lower. The problem I quickly ran into while testing it is that monsters running is intensely frustrating...
  3. killerfer

    Check if battle is escapable

    I am trying to make a skill that makes the party escape the battle, so I made it call a common event and use the abort battle command. But when I am on a Boss Battle, I set to battle so the actors can't escape. How do check that in a "if" statement? I tried if script "$gameParty._canEscape =...

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