1. Kes

    No escape from Command menu

    Because I want to restrict Escape to the use of skills, I need to be able to disable Escape from the Command menu. I am using Yanfly's Battle Engine. I have the following code which was supposed to do this, but when I test it, Escape is not greyed out and can be used, making the skills...
  2. tale

    kotonoha* - Escape Lost Gold (Escape Penalty)

    EscapeLostGold - 2016.05.16 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview You lose your gold when you run away in battle Amount of gold lost is calculated 25% of total gold amount from monsters in battle. Note1: Since escape rate has been modified, it may conflict with other battle plugins. Note2...
  3. Black Pagan

    Dealing with Difficult Encounters

    What are some ways you can think of dealing with Difficult Encounters ? What i mean by this is, The Enemies being on almost the same level of Stats as the Player or a Higher level. In this case, There needs to be some options for the Player to consider to come up with a result other than an...
  4. tale

    Debug mode before battle

    FTKR_OriginalDebugMode - 2018/04/02 v1.0.0 Creator name: フトコロ (futokoro) Introduction Add-on to original debug mode Features This function can only be used during playtest. Debug mode: press F10 key Debug mode controls- ↑ ↓ key :Move the cursor → ← key or Enter key...
  5. tale

    Trb - RestoreBattle (Battle Save)

    RestoreBattle - Version 1.00 (2017/1/14) Creator name: Trb Overview Allows you to save in battle and resume the battle from the battle save. Features - Save and restore is done through plugin commands. - To reset the battle save, run the script $gameSystem._battleSaveData = [] <Plugin...
  6. ArtistDavidHarper

    Trying to modify escape chance per enemy

    Greetings! In my current project I'm using different types of zombies. My idea is to have one of the types have a broken leg and if the player defeats all the other zombies and runs from the "broken leg" zombie it'll be practically guarenteed. The yanfly battle engine core plug-in lets me...
  7. ShinyRedUmbreon

    How Do I Remove The Party Commands In Battle?

    At the beginning of every battle, a fight and escape menu is shown. How do i remove the commands from the battle? Keep in mind, this is for VX Ace(or RGSS3).
  8. Kes

    Escape skill

    I want to restrict Escape to the use of a skill, rather than something from the battle command menu. I have the skill call a common event with 'Abort Battle' command. However, obviously I don't want this to be usable for a boss battle, so need a way of restricting this if necessary. However...
  9. Hagal_

    Re-mapping of the "X"button for other purposes

    Hello everybody, I have checked for different ways to do this (Plugins, remapping, in editor commands, google & so on...) but haven´t been able to solve the problem... What I want is to remove the "open menu" functionality put on the "X" button on the keyboard. I still want the menu to open on...
  10. MHRob

    Changing the Command Name "Escape" in battle

    (VX Ace) Is there a way to change the name "Escape" in battle to something else, like "Forfeit"? Was just wondering if this is possible without changing a bunch of stuff in the default scripts. I couldn't find anything that allowed me to change the name by normal means. Perhaps I need to look...
  11. Cuprite

    "Escape" Command Activating a Common Event?

    Is it possible to have the in-battle "Escape" command activate a common event instead of the default escape event (Without editing RMMV itself)? Because I've changed the "Escape" skill in the skills list to activate a common event, but it still does the default escape, so I assume it has nothing...
  12. Neo Soul Gamer

    Escape Skill

    The following video tutorial aims to show RMMV users how to create an Escape skill while adding it to the list of Actor Battle Commands. This method also allows you to call action sequences before the Escape is processed. Depending on your experience with action sequences, you can create some...
  13. PixelGamerDev

    RMMV Zombie Escape!

  14. Bartman901

    Chance to avoid easier battle

    Hello, I'm still working on my game and I find out one thing annoying me a bit. No matter how strong I am, I still have to fight all these monsters, and unfortunately escape doesn't always succes. I read in a review of one game, that there was possibility that allow player to avoid battle before...
  15. Could i escape the root of Event after importing or loading Save files.

    this is Example. 1. Player had to "Save" during 'Part A' of "B Event". 2. In next map, Player will be die. 3. And will import save file. the question is, after Importing that Save file, how could i escape the root("B Event").
  16. rafaelzimrp

    Problem while removing actors in Battle

    Greetings, I'm havind trouble when using the engine. Whenever an actor is removed through an event or through the escape skill tag while in battle, the game crashes with the following error message: "Script 'Battle Luna line 1194: NoMethodError ocurred. Error ocurred, check the debug console...
  17. FleshToDust

    How do you make escape events?

    I have an event that I want the player to be able to escape from if their level is high enough depending on the enemy event they're battling. If LV <= 10, battle enemy A and if LV >= 5 escape else If LV >10, battle enemy B and if LV >= 15 escape else if LV > etc. The first part of it works...
  18. raymi100

    Raymi's Escape Success Message

    Howdy howdy! A while ago, I wrote this script out of a need for it because I wanted to make it so there's a message that pops up when you successfully escape a battle, not just when you fail to escape one. So here you go! I hope it's useful to you~ I don't foresee any problems with it, but if...
  19. Caitlin

    Fear Meter Javascript request

    Year ago, before I heard of certain games, I loved to play Resident Evil and watched my favorite series, "Star Trek". When I first started to mess around with RPG Maker, I decided that I could combine a horror element with my favorite series, Star Trek. This game wouldn't have 'Zombies' in it...
  20. richter_h

    RMVXA Sample09

    Introduction This is an IGMC 2017 entry from a team where I'm involved. Time constraint and some then-executed experiments are the basis of this project. We did it to pull this game into release just in time. For a note: Sample09 is heavily inspired by SCP Foundation and the game SCP...

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