1. Nekonron

    ESCAPE Room: Reality (Steam)

    ESCAPE Room: Reality currently on version 1.2.3 Can you ESCAPE the locked rooms? ESCAPE Room: Reality is a Story Driven, “Escape Room” Mystery game. There are no battles to fight or monsters to kill, just doors to unlock and pieces to put together. Sypnosis What would you do if you woke up...
  2. Sc0wly

    Help with battle command list

    Hello! I just have a quick question (sorry if it's been asked already). I want to remove the fight and escape options from battles in my project. I'm using the Yanfly battle core plugin so I'm already skipping it at the start, however I would like to remove the option entirely. This would...
  3. Increasing escape chance %?

    Is there any way to change the rate at which you can successfully retreat? Right now, running from battle only seems to work about half the time, but I want to be able to make running a more viable option and increase it to, say, 75%. How would I go about doing this?
  4. WolfraverXemnas

    Escape from 2015 - Part 1 (The Beginning)

    -January 7, 2016- "I told you this would end badly... ...But you didn't believe me." "Don't you remember the story of the Dark Knight of the Soul?" "Yeah.. it's a creature that purges earthly treasures from the real world..." "And for some reason, it found it's way into 2015..." Synopsis...
  5. mardin

    Cancel a Video with Escape

    Maybe I did something wrong but I cannot cancel the videos in my game. I use videos a lot for cutscenes and to tell the story, but the player should really be able to cancel a video with the escape button! I looked around in the forums but I did not find anything related to that, so maybe I...
  6. Super121830

    Escape skill for all characters

    I want to make a skill for everyone in the party that gives them a state for the current turn, if at the end of the turn, all the alive party members have the state, they escape from battle. Is there a way to implement this with a common event or a script call?
  7. ramza

    Battle escape bug

    I just found an easily reproducible bug in the core battle engine of RMMV. In the database it's possible to make a skill with the special trait 'escape'. If you make this skill affect one or all allies, and then use it in battle, some interesting things happen: If it affects all allies...
  8. JoePie

    Changing Collapse & Escape Effect

    Fellow scripters, I'd like to change collapse effect to using animation (like blood splatter and etc), And changing Escape animation to Collapse effect, for example disappearing instead of running away. But found there's no way to alter them without a plugin according to here, I...
  9. Wolfshy238

    Disabling battle escapes?

    Is there some kind of tag or script I can use to prevent escaping from event fights? I looked everywhere I could think of but I can't seem to find anything Sorry in advance if it's obvious Thanks~! EDIT Never mind.. I found it.. x3
  10. Android's back key - ingame function

    Greetings. I've been working on my first somewhat serious project on RMMV and after toying around a bit with the game on my phone I realised it could be really useful if I could use the physical back key of my phone for any function ingame. Currently I have it so it doesn't force exit the...
  11. killerfer

    Check if battle is escapable

    I am trying to make a skill that makes the party escape the battle, so I made it call a common event and use the abort battle command. But when I am on a Boss Battle, I set to battle so the actors can't escape. How do check that in a "if" statement? I tried if script "$gameParty._canEscape =...
  12. wrigty12

    Special Effect: Escape issues?

    I noticed that using an item or skill that has the Effects set to Special Effect: Escape works when you have more than 1 Party Member (Makes only that Actor that used the Item/Skill escape). HOWEVER, if you have only 1 Actor left/only, using this Skill/Item only makes the actor "disappear", and...
  13. wrigty12

    Request: "Escape" command for each Actor in Battle

    Right now, "Fight" and "Escape" are in a separate ""Party"" menu in battle. I am looking for a plugin that completely removes this ""Party"" menu, and adds "Escape" commands to each individual Actor, giving them each a chance to escape in battle instead of just 1 overall chance for the party...
  14. Simple Escape penalty script (Throw money to run away)

    Here's a simple script to get penalized money for escaping. The amount of money is equals to the addition of all the EXP given by each monster in a troop.  To change it #==============================================================================# # Simple Penalty for escape Script. (EXP for...
  15. Torqus

    Escape codes in Scenes

    So, I don't see anyone asking for this. I don't remember who did this in VX Ace, I think it was Victor and someone else had it too, a script that allowed to use the escape codes used in messages (specifically looking for Color and Icons) in the rest of the scenes, like the menu. So if I wanted...
  16. Kuronokun

    Disable Escape on Random Encounter

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way to disable Escape in Random Encounter. Thank you for your help !
  17. Wren

    Escape processing, haven't escaped yet.

    Hey all, Wren again! I have a project where I use events with a battle processing command with Escape and Lose checked. While play testing, I've never been able to successfully escape a battle.  Every time the party tries but fails to escape. What exactly determines an escape success, and do...
  18. Torqus

    Activating switches with Keyboard Controls

    Hi everyone. I'm kinda new in all this "game making" stuff, and I mostly do it for fun. Also I'm learning a lot watching tutorials and looking for solutions to my problems when I reach the limit of my little knowledge. So first of all I want to give my thanks to both developers and people...
  19. HopeFragment

    Escaping from battles with item/skill issues

    In my game, I want to add an item that is just like the Poké Doll/Fluffy Tail/Poké Toy from Pokémon, in which you use it during battle and you are guaranteed to escape. The problem is, when I tested this item out, it even lets you escape from bosses, even though I had disabled normal escaping on...
  20. Josephkhland

    Help with skills that increase/decrease escape Ratio

    So basicly I am creating a smokescreen spell ,and I want it to increase your escape chances.   In the BattleManager Module I have this (the things colored in red are my additions)   #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Create Escape Success...

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