1. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Hidden Village - Chapter 1 (Massive Update Coming!)

      Non-Commercial game created by TKZ Productions!   A huge update is coming with bug fixes, longer story and improved scripting and graphics!   The Hidden Village is a Mystery, Puzzle Solving game! Hidden Village is a game where you find yourself lost in the frozen Maine...
  2. zero50

    A question regarding input in battle (Is this scenario possible?)

    Hello! It seems I need your help once again! What I'm trying to achieve here is bypass the bug that I explained in this thread: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/23247-ysa-atb-battle-symphony-escape-error/#entry221354 I want to ask if the following scenario is possible using...
  3. zero50


    Hello, I have noticed a bug/compability error with these two scripts. When you select escape while the enemy hasn't finished his action, the following error occurs: NoMethod Error line 1636 undefined method "spriteset" for nil:NilClass Here is the line in Symphony:    def pose=(pose)    ...
  4. Helladen

    Skip Battle Messages

    Introduction This is a simple script that allows the developer to disable the escape/death messages from battle. This is very simple to do, but many people are not very good at scripts, and I have found that this is highly annoying. Additionally, no script I have found offers this support, so...
  5. Helladen

    The Great Escape

    Introduction This is a game about a captain whose boat is sunk by a rock from underwater (similar to the story of Titanic). He swims to a nearby island to find a way to get home, and luckily he seen a boat boarding on his way past the island. The goal of the game is to get to that boat, so you...

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