essentials for mv

  1. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    This project is sadly cancelled.
  2. Rishi Raj Jain

    FREE Monster Maker : Pocket Monster edition [All Positions Open]

    a.k.a Pokemon Essentials MV GENERAL TALK Hello Guys, I'm Working on a Pokemon Essentials for MV, After Millions of Entries in Actors, Classes, and Items I realised that It's not possible for me alone to do this humongous task, not as of I was thinking it to take a couple of weeks to release...

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We'll be doing another giveaway of MZ on the stream tomorrow! Thank you SykoGaming for contributing a copy for the community! :D
Sorry guys! Been away for long this time. Got attacked by my anxieties again. At least no more bedbugs. Got logged out of here and layout seems strange now a bit.
My old project is now a sitcom
How to do implementation the social politcal mechanics in rpg maker? Thank you for quick spark of ideas. Fear of going to the thread lol.

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