essentials set

  1. JtheDuelist

    RMMV Fire Emblem Essentials MV [Project is cancelled]

    This project is sadly cancelled.
  2. NESman

    Essentials Set .zip won't download

    Hoping there is a solution out there or someone form RPG maker sees this (I've submitted through customer support). I purchased the essentials set through rpgmakerweb and when following the link for the .zip folder it begins to download very, very slowly. I've tested my connection, all good...
  3. How to install RPGMMV: Essentials Set when purchased from rpgmakerweb?

    Hello, everyone. I'm very new to RPG Maker, and I'm having trouble installing the Essentials Set to my copy of MV. I've looked up other How To's, but all of them seem to be for people who purchased the game and the set from Steam, whereas I purchased both from the website, so I don't seem to...

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