1. MisterHex

    How can I make the characters has a much bigger resolution ?

    I would like to know how I can achieve to have an resolution like the one in changed: | V
  2. I'm new, and I want some advice

    So I just barely found this website 5 or so days ago. And I decided to wait for the creator for IOS to come out, b4 I ask- What program should I get?   I'm looking to get one of the ones that supports the side view during combat (though not a requirement), one that makes custom...
  3. Displaying images in Fullscreen and as Half-Body Sprites

    Hi, This is like my 1.2 day in rpg maker so far I think I have the majority of the basics down but this is something that I feel a lot of people struggle with, I have an image I want to display full screen can someone hold my hand and show me how this is done step by step? Thank You. My end...
  4. help with error!

    hi! i have a problem with igmaker the problem is that it shows an error at the start of the application... this is the error: The type initializer for 'ACTKool.FlowPageControls.FlowchartControl' threw an exception. The type initializer for 'av' threw an exception. and this is the other...
  5. luistop12

    Is this good enough to make a commercial shop?

    i been wonder if can i sell my sprite work in this community.  this a sample of my work. All are in diferent projects you CANT use them please. "just in case". i have to do it for authors petitions. THE ARTS ARE NOT MINE, THEY ARE FROM THE AUTHORS. CHARAS. YES THIS ONE USE BASE...
  6. Pause Menu Help!

    Hey, It's me again. I'm not very good with scripting, although I did take a Python Class a couple weeks ago... Anyway, I am fine tuning the UI for my game, and I realised that I only needed three options in the pause menu: "Save", "Load", "Exit" and "Help". All of the fancy Items, Stats, etc...
  7. Xhizt

    Help with a specific event design

       I'm trying to do a very basic sort of event right now that requires a different way of thinking than how I've approached it. I'm trying to do a basic spike trap for a horror RPG thing that I have been working on. Right now it is running as a touch event that triggers a game over when touched...
  8. xShaddy

    Cliche Characters, Impossible to not have?

    So I'll be short, are cliche characters impossible not to have in your RPG game. Almost every RPG character lost his parents, gains misterious power, saves the world etc, etc.. Do you feel its almost impossible to not have character like taht in certain games? I mean if it isnt RPG you porbably...

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