1. ZenVirZan

    RPG Maker XP EULA regarding RTP usage

    Hi all I've been trying to track down the EULA for the RMXP RTP usage but I've been having trouble finding one that contains any useful detail beyond "Only permitted for use in games made with RPG Maker XP". I'm aware you cannot use it unless you are making your game with RPG Maker XP, of which...
  2. SAKAN resources terms of use

    I would like to know if the default resources from SAKAN can be used in RPG Maker MZ and what are the terms of use for them. There don't seem to be any terms of use for SAKAN or the default resources that come with it anywhere. The Help file contains an EULA section, but that one only contains...
  3. Parallax Panda

    Commercial games - what do I need to do?

    It seems that RM2K3's EULA is a little different from the later RPG makers. What I'm curious about is, if I make a commercial game (maybe even more than one), do I need to do something other than purchase the software? I'm asking because I read this and this makes it sound like I need to e-mail...
  4. Parallax Panda

    Manics patch - is it "legal"?

    So apparently there is this unofficial patch for RM2K3 that's called the "Manics patch". This is not some old hack that was made a long time ago but something more recent that was made after the engine was re-released on steam, as as we know they also patched the EULA when they did so. Allowing...
  5. Educational game - license problem

    Hi guys, I'm a final year medical student and I started to work on a educational game for medical students which I would give for free with a possibility of donating money to me and people who help me with it. Because I use a lot of medical books I started to ask, if there is a problem with...
  6. Parallax Panda

    RM engine (and DLC's) EULA's + YouTube Channels

    I know there are a handful of RM focused YouTuber's who make everything from Let's Play's, First impression and Speed Mapping videos. Not to mention Dev Log's and Tutorials. There's Echo607, SRDude, Vibrato08, @Yanfly , @Driftwood Gaming , @Studio Blue , TheUnproPro... and a bunch of other...
  7. Parallax Panda

    About the "__STaR__" Folder in the DLC...

    I'm using the STEAM version of VN maker and I found that there's a folder (in the DLC folder) called "__STaR__". It seems to include all the assets that come pre-installed with a new project, but some additional stuff as well. Namely a few color variations of the "Date Locations" and a "Fantasy"...
  8. Brigg

    Artwork Permissions for outside Projects

    Hi all So I read in a GM post that you cannot use the artwork (which I'm assuming is part of the RTP) for anything other than an RPG project without special permissions. "-- You may contact us for special permission to use resource packs outside a project. Not all permissions are granted, but...
  9. _Shadow_

    Game.exe Rename. Is is ok?

    So the game shall run on Windows by double clicking Game.exe and I wonder if we got the right to rename it to MyGameTitle.exe I am not sure if that is against the EULA or permitted, so why not asking before doing something stupid, right?
  10. _Shadow_

    Teaching using Lite on student's laptop. Is it ok if I own myself a legit copy of VX Ace?

    Hello once again community. Today I have an interesting question to ask. Let's say you got a High school kid, that had some Scratch classes, and he was excited. Now... the kid wants to go just a step further, and do stuff like scratch but more interesting. So, I thought of RPG Maker VX Ace Lite...
  11. AxulGamer

    RPG MAKER MV Steam Version EULA file is missing...

    Hello i buyed the RPG Maker MV Steam Version, but there is no legal information about the program. I search for the EULA to see what i can do and what i can't do, but in the help page the EULA file is missing(says the page was deleted or does not exist). Can you please tell me where can i see...
  12. Parallax Panda

    EULA, Encryption and Browser deployment

    Ok, there are a bunch of different EULA's out there obviously, but most of them (all of them?) share this clause that you can't share a game you've made (with the DLC) unless it's encrypted. With MV you can encrypt your game as you deploy them, but, what about if you want to deploy a game to be...
  13. Tuomo L

    Licenses and EULA

    So, this is something I was wondering; is there any set license or EULA that I should add to my game when I release it? If there is, where can I find it? Some plugins and stuff that I have found (such as fonts) say that they're released under MIT license and that I need to include that license...
  14. Yurii

    EULA for MV resources

    (I'm sorry if the forum section is inappropriate) I cannot find EULA or similar licensing information for tilesets and characters in RPG Maker MV. Or at least, could anyone please explain the following: I want to hire a person who will edit some MV tiles. This person does not own RPG...
  15. chawksworth

    Legal Questions Regarding Commercial Deployment

    So, these are questions regarding commercial deployment and/or distribution of a game once it is completed.  RPG Maker MV is the version that I am using just as an FYI. I didn't see anything in the ToS or EULA expressly forbidding these two things in particular, and they both seem to fall...
  16. Sausage_Boi

    My Finished Game, and the EULA

    I've been going through the EULA, but I don't see anything regarding the changing of Icons in the finished product. If I were to use software to change the icon of my games *.exe would I be violating the TOU/EULA? Sorry if this is the wrong place, couldnt think of where to ask about EULA...
  17. IndependentArt

    RM 2k3 EULA inofficial version

    (I've already posted this in the pinned EULA thread but no one seems to be noticing it ^^) Hello, I've been working on a RM 2k3 game for a while and I've been using the inofficial version+DynRpg. because, the official version doesn't work with it, obviously. but of course I do own the offical...
  18. Matseb2611

    Audio File encryption and new EULA

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this query in, but I've just bought the Creature sfx pack and I noticed the EULA is now different slightly to the older packs. Most notably, there's this line: "Resources may be packaged with commercial or non-commercial games and shared as long...
  19. Where do I find the EULA of the Cover Art Character DLC?

    I'm sorry for this probably dumb question, but I don't know where to find the EULA for the Cover Art Character pack. I've tried looking in the file I received when I bought MV, which had the DLC, but I see no EULA in that file. I've tried looking on this site and I can't find it, I've also...
  20. Help with licence agreement

    Hello everyone I am very new here so I primarily want to thank you for all the good work. I have spent a few busy days reading and testing Ace to determine if it will be my tool for my new commercial game development project. Before purchasing the product I want to make sure I will not...

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