1. Shawnyadeadhomie

    RMMV Question about yanfly's accuracy plugin

    I want hit chance to be based on the user's attack and evasion to be based on the target's defense. Am I correct in assuming that I can ignore the accuracy formula and just alter the user hit rate and target evade rate? If not, what should I use for my formula? I'm making a combat system similar...
  2. NinjaKittyProductions

    The Guard Skill... let's change it.

    Hello gamedevs, I do not know why it took me so long to even think of this, as I'm am sure (and others will point out ^_^) this topic probably already exist somewhere in the vastness that is the forums, but looking at the guard mechanic, that is to say the skill that calls the state, it seems...
  3. dotKuhn

    Evade buff in specific class?

    Sooo... What I'm trying to do, is that an specific class called "044: Misfortune" gets a special buff when it succesfully evades, It'll work like this: Enemy attack → Character "044:Misfortune" Evades succesfully → Character "044: Misfortune" gets a critical hit granted on next attack dealing...
  4. gambitben

    Take 50% damage when evading

    Hi everyone! So I've been trying to solve this really hard and I can't figure it out on my own. I want to change the way evading an attack is handled. I want the battlers to take 50% damage when they evade an attack. How can I achieve this? Thank you in advance!
  5. Chocobo

    Activating a distant event does not work: Bug or feature?

    Hey there :) Since I haven't been around for the last few months and recently started tinkering with the RMMV again, I ran into an issue which I'm not sure of if it is a bug or intended behavior.  When I create a big map and put an event to the right that should run to the left after a...
  6. Senshu

    Evasion, Hit, Crit, Reflect and how they scale/affect endgame!

    Hey there ladies and gentlemen! I'm messing with some formulas and i'm using FlyingDream's Parameter calculator but I wanted to know what you guys think is balanced for endgame stats like these. For starters I've hauled back stats pretty far, with the main offensive and defensive stats reaching...
  7. solaris1111

    How to change battle popup texts?

    Hi everyone,  It might look like a stupid question but i searched and it really can't find it. Here's the situation : My game is in french and i want to change the popup text in battle (not the one that appear on top of the battle screen) like the "Miss" or "Evade" that appear on the...
  8. MeowFace

    Battle Log Canceller

    Made for a request here.   This script cancel the result log display of certain skill/item in the battle message log. eg. Monster Name suffered 100 damage. Monster Name evaded your attack.   This is useful for those who want to make skills and formula doing stuffs outside of normal attack and...
  9. Reactive Abilities (VXAce)

    Why I have been trying to find something that add new levels of complexity to combat. I don't know why, but I thought it would serve some purpose to add increased reactive abilities, like expanding on evade and counter attack. I was able to find Fomar0153's Counter Attack Skills...
  10. Kes

    2 questions about States

    I have 2 states which are not performing as expected. The first is Paralysis.  I have always thought it a bit ridiculous that someone who is paralyzed evades an attack, so I added the feature EVA -100%.  Yet enemies can still evade. The second is counter Attack.  For all my physical skills I...

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