1. Conditional State if User Evade

    Hello, I'm using plugins of Yanfly (Battle Core, Buff and Sate, Skill Core etc....) I want to know how i can do a passive state where it react if the user do an evasion. For exemple, if my character evade from a skill, i want him to win a buff or a state. Is there a formule for my passive...
  2. dotKuhn

    Evade buff in specific class?

    Sooo... What I'm trying to do, is that an specific class called "044: Misfortune" gets a special buff when it succesfully evades, It'll work like this: Enemy attack → Character "044:Misfortune" Evades succesfully → Character "044: Misfortune" gets a critical hit granted on next attack dealing...
  3. TheLordThyGod

    Default formula for Accuracy/Evasion (HIT/EVA)?

    I need some help understanding Accuracy/Evasion in RPG Maker VX Ace. I know there are invisible "ex-parameters" called HIT and EVA which default to 0% but can be modified in the Features or Effects sections of various tabs; however I have thus far been unable to find the formula for how this...
  4. How to understand Hit-Rate?

    Hi guys, I try to understand the Hit-Rate and how it works ingame, but I'm not sure if I got it right. I can define a Hit-Rate of each class, each actor and each weapon, but not of a skill. So, how to understand this? When I set Hit-Rate of my fighter-class to 100% it means, as I understand...
  5. kaisielizen

    I would like a plugin that makes Evasion show up as a base parameter

  6. shinichi999

    100% success and 0% evasion for battle tutorial?

    Greetings. I have a problem making a battle tutorial, so I would like to ask some help. For this battle tutorial I need that the main character can't miss an attack (and the same for the enemy attacking me). I thought that adjusting the "Success" and "Evasion" parameters I could do that...
  7. Koi

    Increase enemy evasion

    For some reason I ALWAYS have problems with parameters and stuff. Whenever I think I've figured it out, a month or so of hiatus pass and I've forgotten it all... So I want a specific enemy to have high evasion, and I think a problem that might be interfering is the fact that all weapons in the...
  8. theolis-wolfpaw

    Yanfly States Custom Effect Issues with Evasion

    So, I'm using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core and have been trying to make a defensive state that deflects weak attacks. After much trial and error I have determined that you cannot decide the success rate of the skill before the game has decided it, which then would overwrite your decision. So...

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