event based

  1. Yanntastisch

    Disable a random Switch via Event?

    I want to disable a random switch between, for example, 1 and 50 in an event. Is there a way of doing so or do I need a script for this?
  2. Keiro

    Pokemon Type Trainer Encounters

    So I have enemies that stay in a certain area, and I want to be able to have them approach the player if they enter a certain distance in front of them. How would I do this?
  3. Keiro

    Linking Events(not the traditional method)

    Okay. So I've done this before, however the project I was working on got screwed by windows and I lost everything. There's this one scene I'm trying to recreate where you have to fight these two guards and there are two events(ImperialGuard1 and ImperialGuard2). I've been making it so whenever...
  4. I really need help with events

    Okay so, I have created an event where you speak to a guard and it opens a yes or no option for ship departure orders, if you say yes and have the orders it will spawn a ship, and if you say no he will tell you to speak for the king, however the problem is if I say yes without having the key...
  5. Gamingstar

    Event-based Battle System?

    I want to add an easy-to-use event based battle system like the one in The Legend of Zelda games. Is there any easy way to do this? (I've already tried Falcao Pearl ABS Liquid and it was too hard for me) The basic kind of battle system I want is that you can attack an animal or enemy and it...
  6. nijineko

    Whole map versus Room-by-room? [Design Conundrums]

    My current project is to recreate an homage version of a very old ASCII rogue-like as a mobile game. The maps from this game consists of walls, doors, secret doors, and openings. The maps also featured one-time fog of war (once explored, always revealed). In rooms, one could find things like...
  7. megumi014

    Point&Click Icon/Action Interface (Keyboard/Mouse)

    How to make a Point&Click action Interface. ... ... Hi everyone. This is a tutorial that will explain how to make a pop-up interface (f.e. “look”, “use”, “speak to”…) for Point&Click based games in RPG Maker MV through events (and a bit of scripting). There are many ways to make it: with...
  8. TriceratopsX

    Re-positioning Title screen commands?

    Hello~ I'm working on the titlescreen for my game and I ran into a problem, see I drew my own image in GIMP (using a map I created in RM as a base) and I'm using the HIME_PreTitleEvents plugin to event the titlescreen, however I'm running into a problem, as you can see in the provided pictures I...
  9. RTPnightmare

    Character Creation System with Portraits (easy)

    Hey guys, I made an easy way to make a character creation system. I always had trouble using pictures in the Rpg Maker since it was a little complicated getting the pictures where I wanted them to be, so I created something that is easy to use. It's very simple, fast to make and it uses...

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