event based menu

  1. Vidarr

    Drafting Abilities Event help?

    Hello! I've been using RPG Maker for awhile, and with my latest project I had a very simple idea: When the player would start up the Dungeon-delving section of the game, they're met with a simple drafting mechanism similar Hearthstone's Arena or MTG's Winston draft that they'd draft up their...
  2. FREE Custom Menu Maker for a horror anthology

    I'm working on a game that will be a trio of playable story driven horror/suspense stories. One of said stories has already been completed (more or less) and can be downloaded below. Here's the details of what I'm looking for. Engine: RMMV Synopsis: Title not determined for the overall game...
  3. Proelium_Ex_Deus

    Custom Menu Scene

    Since it doesn't appear that I'll be able to use the YEP Common Event Menu plugin, I've gotta try & figure out a way to event what I want. Really, aside from just not looking forward to having to manually event all of the features that CEM has, I've only got one real problem... figuring out a...
  4. Make a default menu background?

    Im making a event based menu and i want to stop the events in the map in their positions, my question is: Is posible to make a background like the default menu scene?

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