event bugs

  1. LvdvE

    Bug with Moghunter Pickup and throw script

    Hello, I have a problem with the Moghunter's script "Pickup and Throw": https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rgss3-pickup-and-throw/ When I activate the action key on any empty event, where there is just an appearance. Then it displays the following bug: "Script "MOG - Pickup and Throw" line 304...
  2. Midnight Kitty

    Parameter inconsistent

    I have a problem with one of the parameters and I am not sure if the script I am using to check it is accurate ◆If:Script:($gameActors.actor(1).param[2] = 1) ◆Common Event:Str_check ◆Control Variables:#0200 V200 = Attack of \N[1] ◆Change Parameter:\N[1], Attack + 5 ◆Control...
  3. OmnislashXX

    Yanfly MiniEventLabel Problem

    Alright, so I downloaded Yanfly's EventLabel So people know where things are on the map. I've followed directions to the letter, but the text isn't showing up over the events. So, the question is, what am I doing wrong? Screenshots provided. Oh yes, and once again, I apologize in advance to...
  4. MiraclesHappen

    Event doesn't get triggered

    Hello everyone! I've been using RPGM XVA for a while so this is the first time I encounter such a problem. I have an event which gets triggered when the player walks on a specific point in the map. If I start a new game, the event works perfectly but if I continue a game, the event immediately...
  5. CrystallizeDev

    RPG Maker MV Approach Issues?

    Hi, I'm still trying to figure out RPG Maker MV commands and I'm having some trouble with having an event follow me after a cutscene. Basically, the girl gets out of her hospital bed, walks up to the IV, a sound is played indicating she attached it to herself, and then it's supposed to follow...
  6. jetboost

    Events do X at time Y. not working properly.

    Hello i'm quite new to this forum but have learned quite a bit from reading the different threads you can find here but now i have an issue that i haven't been able to solve myself the last couple days so i would like to ask for some help/advice. As the title says i want to have events do X at...
  7. 573Games

    The case of the letter that becomes a turkey/gold (simple event issue)

    Happy weekend everyone. I've made dozens of simple events like the one I made today, but this one is just not working for me. I attempted a search of these forums and couldn't find the solution. I am using RMVXA. I have a glass table as part of the map, and an event on top of that, which...
  8. Dimitri N.

    Issue : event not happening

    Hi everyone! Sooo... I have this little issue : on a map, two events with different names but same instructions (I copied/pasted it), one of them doesn't even appear. :rsad: Anyone got an idea on how to fix this? I tried several processes but nothing works. There's one more thing (but I'm...
  9. Eviticous

    Hilarious Bugs. Ghost in the Maker

    Mods please move if this doesn't belong here. Rpg Maker MV 1.4.1 Install Via Steam (2 days ago) MAC OSX: 10.12.4 (Not supported?) - Car Moves on it own. Backwards. Some times forwards. When it is moving the player stops moving. (See video) - When Alex Joins the party There is a massive gap...

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