event commands

  1. need help on script in locking enemy and use special skill in battle

    So I create an enemy that transforms on death. that transform on death is a success, but problems are 'locking' it. using Hime plugin, add enemy from troop 30 which is ----- now the main part. as you see below, every 3 turn there will be rng. hit 2, add var for 'next event'. (the checkpoint...
  2. Kino

    MoonFlower - Localization and Event Command Scripting Plugin

    Introduction Moonflower is a localization and event-based plugin for RPGMakerMV. It allows the developer to both localize their game in any language of their choosing and create flexible events out of text files. This plugin is free for non-commercial use but commercial use requires a license...
  3. metronome

    Disable NPC from Facing towards Player without Direction Lock

    Let's say you want to make an NPC that will say different dialogue based on the direction she is facing. If you call this NPC from her back, she will say "A". If you call this NPC from her other sides, she will say "B". And of course you want to make her looks naturally alive. So you make her...
  4. Sixth

    Event Command Corrector - v1.0 (06/12/2016)

    Event Command Corrector: Event Command Structure Details (Warning! Extra long documentation! :p): - Demo: Nope, won't happen! o.o - Author's Notes: Sometimes I change my mind about the name of specific things or a graphic/audio file I used for something. And more often...
  5. Ellie Jane

    How to proceed with turn after a forced action

    I am using this script to force an action in battle: $gameParty.members()[0].forceAction(1,1); BattleManager.forceAction($gameParty.members()[0]); After forcing the action, how do I then end the turn and go to the enemy's turn? I want to run this action instead of the player's...
  6. Seriel

    Making large script calls in RMXP

    Hello, i've recently discovered a way to put Large Script calls into RPG Maker XP, I don't know how many know about this, so I'll share it here. If you're trying to put in a Script Call, try it normally with the Event Command first, chances are it'll work, however, if it's too big and cuts off...
  7. JoePro

    [Joe Pro] Xpanded Event Control

    class Xpanded Event Commands(version 0.3)     def Initialize:        Adds more functionallity and commands to events.   end     def Features: Proximity System Line of Sight System Define the distance of Sight Easily find the direction of the player from the event's location. Easily find the...
  8. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Show Animation Fix

    Overview So from my own experience + some threads a few months back, the show animation event command (or maybe animations as a whole) works a bit odd when the screen scrolls. The animation scrolls with the screen instead of staying on target, which is weird for non-screen animations. Script...
  9. Tiamat5774

    Script Clash: FPLE vs. Caterpillar

    Ok, I discovered FPLE (First person Labyrinth explorer) and wanted to incorporate it into my game for cave dungeons. However, the game crashes when I enter a FPLE Mode dungeon with the "Caterpillar" Script active. Can you turn off/on scripts using a call script event. If so, how? -Tiamat5774...

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