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  1. ZodiacStories

    Enemy Chase Help

    Hia~ I am testing out a few plugins for a game I want to make and I have seemed to run into a little problem. I used TerraxLighting for making the flashlight, but for the chase, I am trying to use common events. I want certain monsters to ignore the player if their flashlight is out, but once...
  2. RMMV (Chrono Engine) make bushes drop hearts and gold like they do in Zelda Games

    I'm trying to make it where bushes drop either a heart or 1 gold or nothing but randomly like they do in Links Awakening. I've been playing around in the event editor trying to do this but i cant seem to find an option that allows for randomness, but maybe im missing something. Or there is maybe...
  3. lookitsRYUU

    Random chance events?

    Howdy all! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to create random chance events (not battles) so I can create a sort of dream mechanic in my game. Some events will have a higher chance of occurring than others. Does anyone have any idea how I could pull this off? All advice would be appreciated!
  4. mchoneybee

    RMMV Eventing Issue-- please help?

    Hey! So I'm trying to script a scene where the player has to make correct choices while talking to a character in order to survive. The idea is that if you pick a wrong answer, the character is silent for a few moments before darting forward suddenly, and then the GAME OVER screen will show. It...
  5. Conversation System?

    For the game I'm working on right now, I'm trying to create an event that players can use to have party members interact with each other, similar to the support conversations in Fire Emblem Awakening or Fates. I need to make a way for the event to add in a new option for conversations every time...
  6. Muffle

    QTE Help!

    Wanting to make a quick time event! MC has to pull the rope to get the attic down, it's stuck so QTE happens. It's a tutorial QTE before an actual serious one happens. With this one I just want the conditions to be that the timer has run out and if X has been pressed you open it. If X has not...
  7. gayvid

    Event Issue - Impassible tile is passible?

    Hi, this is my first forum post and I have a limited understanding of RPG Maker cuz im a super new user. this issue is probably super easily solved and I'm just being a goof but i digress! i've looked at several different resources trying to fix the issue but so far have been unsuccessful. the...
  8. ArgonianSam

    Spotlight or selective screen darkening.

    I want to make a scene where there is a magic show, and the entire room darkens except for the magician up on the stage. Is there any way to tint the screen to be darker and leave a select circle or light in a specific place?
  9. ArgonianSam

    Transparent to terrain but not the player?

    I want to make a section where a grim reaper chases you through a maze. The player has to navigate the maze but the reaper can float through it. But I also want it to put you in an unwinnable battle with it if you touch it, forcing you to run and keep going through the maze. I can do all of this...
  10. Chelly

    Sprite stays transparent despite changing actors? [Solved!]

    I just joined this forum so apologies if I made any mistakes.:kaocry: Anyway, My problem is, I was trying to make a blank intro (basically I did a blank map and added an empty sprite sheet) Originally, it was a normal sprite but I heard about the empty sprite sheet and changed it to that. So...
  11. jordanblake

    trigger a common event after class change (YED class change core)

    Hello, im using YEP class change core and i had a idea to show a little picture event when you change class, and of course show the picture depending on the class change selection,i want to make a npc class change system,like you should do a quest before class change, and of course change the...
  12. gigoe

    Event help

    I want to make it so when you're in a room for a specific amount of time doing nothing, a dialogue box shows up with the character asking if you're there. Moving during the timer wont reset it. The only thing that will do that is leaving the room and coming back in I want to know how to...
  13. Event not running right.

    Hello, I have set up a very long and complicated card game event in my game, I have tested this event probably over 100 times and it has always worked perfectly. However as I was building my game the event seems to have glitched. In the event you have the option to bet money or not, and if you...
  14. shoucchi

    Help with game-opening cutscenes?

    Hello, I'm new as you can get on the forums but I've been using the program for a while. However, this is the first time I've used VX Ace, and also the first time I've ever done a cutscene. Because I'm not entirely sure how to explain what I want to do, I'll include a picture below as well. :O...
  15. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    making followers that do not battle

    Is there a way to have followers not engage in battle without having to event it into every battle? I would love to know if this would be possible before I start the long and ardous journey of eventing each and every battle to make it happen. Even if there was a parellel event I could use that...
  16. Paladin-Cleric of Awesome

    Respawning characters.

    Ok, so I thought this would be an interesting feature to have in game. Is there a way to load the save file at the game over screen so that the player can choose to continue right away instead of having to go back to the title screen? But it would only be to the most recent save, so if they had...

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