event id

  1. Self-referencing an event

    I'm looking for a way to set a variable's value to the event's map ID through a script so I can call a function passing the event's ID as a parameter. I was thinking of something like $game_map.events[self].id, but when calling "self" from an event, I'm not getting what I'm looking for. I've...
  2. [RMXP] Get Event ID from X and Y with Script Call

    I'm working on a very aggravating system in XP, and I've run into a case where I know an X and a Y, and need to know the event ID on that tile. In MV, I'd use Get Location Info. But unless I've missed something, XP doesn't have an equivalent, and I'm not good enough with Ruby to spin one up...
  3. Thurber_Mingus

    Question about Event ID's and Maps

    I have a question about Event Id's and Common events. Here is a common even i created to highlight a specific task that is randomly selected. ◆If:Dust Painting is ON ◆Set Movement Route:#007 (Wait) :Set Movement Route:◇Stepping Animation ON :Set Movement Route:◇Image:!Flame(6) ◆ :End...

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