event pages

  1. Poryg


    POR_extraEventPages, v.1.0. Author: Poryg Introduction An utility plugin for easier mass production of events. Features Take event pages from a dummy event on a dummy map and paste them on any other events. Bypass MV's default 20 page per event limit. Combine events in any way you see fit. And...
  2. Dullstar

    Click and Drag to Reorder Event Pages

    Description of the Feature: Click and drag on an event page number in order to change its position in the ordering of pages. Possibly add move page up/move page down to the set of copy/paste/delete/clear/new page buttons. Why is this feature good? Currently, if you wish to reorder the pages...
  3. Pirobi

    JK Preserve Map Event States

    JK Preserve Map Event States v1.1 Author: Pirobi Introduction Normally in RPG Maker, if you have an event with multiple pages, the event will automatically switch to the highest page # that has its conditions fulfilled. For example, if you have an event that disappears after a switch...
  4. MusicTF

    Priority of event pages?

    This is a general question about VX Ace, but if an event has two pages, for both of which the conditions are satisfied, which one does the event execute?  What about when one pages conditions include the conditions for another page?
  5. Multiple Triggers

    I haven't seen a question like this yet, so I don't feel dumb for asking it. I have been trying to make an event that I can trigger multiple ways, but only the way on the final event page works without some kind of switch. What I'm trying to do is have a player take damage by an event...
  6. GrassDinosaur

    More than one trigger for one event

    Ok, to the truest form, my question is whether I can have more than one trigger for one event. I'm sorry if I got anything wrong, but this is my first post. I've got an event with two event pages. One deals with when the event touches our player and the other is a parallel process. The...
  7. Timer Issues

    Can I make the Timer INVISIBLE and also, can I make it persistent so that even after the timer is checked, it would continue to countdown until it ran out. That way when player comes back and it's not ready, they'll be told so and move to the shop processing screen, but if they check again and...
  8. GreyStone84

    My First Large Event - Help

    Started off making a simple event that gave you a choice of which prisoner to save. Turned into five events, one of which is 13+ pages, incorporates switches, conditional branches, variables(my first use of them) and parallel process (also my first use!). I've heard labels are good, but I see...
  9. Josephkhland

    Help Event Page Initiative

    So I have actually created an event. I have one page active when a certain switch is on, while the next page when another switch is on.    However when both switches are it prefers to start with the second page.  Does the engine check from the last page to the first or is it something else?
  10. KieronGryph

    Having trouble with comment tags and event pages

    I've set up this script to change the screen tint after checking the very first comment command on every event within the current map. It works just fine whenever I move to a new map, it checks the comments again; but what if I wanted to check the comments again after I've changed event pages...

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