event position

  1. Adjust the position of events, using common events

    I want to use a common event to create a cinematic that takes place on different maps, but the "adjust event position" command doesn't work for some reason and I can't find any guides explaining how to use it. PS: I know that I have to move the events by ID
  2. Alexandr_7

    Suggestion Remember event position when saving

    Description of the Feature: Add the ability to remember the position of events when saving a game. Mockups: The implementation of this function is implied in any form. Why is this feature good? This feature is great because of the following: When the game is loaded, the route continues from...
  3. Luckysince97

    Event position change save

    Ok so i think i said everything in the vid, but if not is there a way to save event location after your actor leave a map and return... or should i just put an no transfer to each door till all the tutorial are done Ty for your time, it appreciated...
  4. Set Event's Position from Javascript

    Does anyone how to set an event's location from a javascript command? I'm trying to get an event to follow the player's x position, but the code isn't doing anything: $gameMap.event(84).x = $gamePlayer.x; What's wrong with my code above or is there another way to set an event's location?
  5. Geoff Moore

    Set event position to relative coordinates?

    I want to use Set Event Location to move an event to the top of the map while keeping it's current x position. There will be a large number of events on the map doing this, so I'd like to call a common event from each. The obvious solution would be to set a variable to the event's x position...

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