event processing

  1. Requesting assistance/clarity regarding specific event planning

    I'm new and working on an incredibly slow computer, so I apologize if this isn't posted in the right place. I'm sure someone will complain or move it. Again, sorry. I'm working with the basic VX Ace software with no scripts. Here's what I am trying to accomplish: Player talks to NPC -> NPC...
  2. Events drawing over "Show pictures"

    So I have an odd problem where, in some cases, images that I draw with the "show picture" event are appearing over tiles but underneath the events in the room. Do you guys know any situations where this happens? The events are "same as character" priority, but that has never been an issue before.
  3. Image display on screen until button(s) are pushed.

    I want to make it so that its detected which buttons you move with and so that the image of arrowkeys or wasd keys don't get removed until the player moves/uses them, for my tutorial. any ideas on how to set up an event like that? Also I want it to depend on if the player is using wasd or...
  4. Koi

    Monsters not triggering?

    I have a part in my game where monsters will come out at you when triggered by a floor tile. All of them work, except for one where two come out at once. This is strange because these have worked for about a year, and suddenly after making changes to the game that have nothing to do with this...

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