event script

  1. needing to get a http get request to get a code from the json

    I need to be able to save a code from a http get request to a game variable as I want the code to change every so often. im not sure how to go about even doing that if need be an example json output from the site hosting the code...
  2. Event chase event script

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a script that allows me to have an event follow another event using custom auto move. I already tried moveTowardCharacter($gameMap.event(1)); to chase event 1 and it didn't work for me. I am using RPG Maker MV. Can you help me?
  3. Fragarachu

    Event can be triggered by outside the event?

    As the title says, can i trigger the event using Action Button without entering the event? Wolf RPG Maker can do this though. Is there something i must do or this is script? If it's a script, i don't know what to search.
  4. About Script Box & Variable

    Hi, I'm pretty basic in scripting, so here is a problem i encounter last night, so i decided to make two(or more) main character in my game and will tells their story respectively. and of course it need a separated inventory. the way i am doing it is by collecting all the item that gotten so...

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