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  1. Exp Devourer

    Event and Text quandary

    Hello, I am new to these forums, and I didn't know where to post this. I have been working on a private fun little experiment of a game for about a month or so now. For the most part its comin  together nicely. However, oyi does this game do some strange things at times! Case in point, the...
  2. Napoleon

    Event Text

    Event Text 1.01 Napoleon About Displays text above events.   Features http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StyNUpq_eo8&feature=youtu.be Script & Demo https://www.dropbox.com/s/jm92rbqb5eadryr/Napoleons%20Master%20Demo.zip   How to Use Instructions are inside the script/demo. FAQ N/A Credit and...

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Ugh, I may have been cumbersomely eventing a bunch of stuff I could have easily done changing the tileset "Passage (4 dir)" and "Ladder" options. Oops :D
I have no idea why some of the program "splash screen" always on top. E.g, RMMZ loading screen stuck on the top blocking anything I want to do until it fully loaded. What is even the purpose?
One of the secret places in the game.

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