1. [RMMZ] Pictures keeps showing up even on another map

    Due to the nature of the issue, I'm unsure if I should be posting this thread here, or if I should be doing it in the Javascript/Plugin Support forum. But I do know myself, so whatever the issue I'm currently facing is, it's probably something that has nothing to do with the plugins I'm using...
  2. Ms Littlefish

    Event Sleigh the Competition! 2023 Christmas Game Jam

    Let's spice up the holiday season! Your challenge, should you accept, it is to make a short Christmas-themed game in any Maker engine sold in the Komodo store. The game is meant to be short, so don't overdo it with the plugins and the systems! The point of the contest is to finish something...
  3. TinoXelav

    MZ Android Black box event

    Hi, seeking advice from veterans on how to solve this issue, as I myself am using Galv character frame and character animation plugin, however after deployment the events all have black boxes on them. It works in Playtest PC, but the box occur after android deployment.
  4. Macrophage

    Help with looping event issue

    Hi. Using this guide from hiddenone I've discovered an issue with looping events which I hope can be resolved. Maybe someone can shed some light on this at least. Below is a shortened version of the tutorial's example event, but it is functionally identical. Basically, when the player pushes...
  5. DK

    Plugin Commands Finder - Allows you to find the use of plugin commands in all game events.

    Author: DKPlugins Version: 1.0.0 Description: Allows you to find the use of plugin commands in all game events. Features: Search for plugin commands among all events in the game. Grouping by plugins and commands, displaying the number of commands and events in each group. Disabled plugins are...
  6. Event in a wall activated by bumping into it.

    Hi guys, So I have an event that is inside of a wall, This event is just a door event and therefore teleports the player elsewhere. All I am trying to do is make it so this event is activated via player touch instead of action button however I cannot get the player touch to function with the...
  7. Is there a way to make specific events happen at specific weathers?

    For example i want to make a event only happen when it's raining, how do i do that? Sorry if bad english
  8. LostAndFoundRPG

    how to stretch event?

    I have a passage that triggers an event, and I want to stretch it thru the entire passage tiles. How do I do this?
  9. Minigame help

    Hi guys im trying to make a weight lifting mini game. The basic idea would be that by pressing 'ENTER,' the character lifts the weight. The position of the weight would be illustrated by different pictures. (To every points we earn by pressing ENTER belong 1 image. There would be a resistance(...
  10. Help getting an event minigame working.

    Hi there! I am trying to design a minigame using eventing and have been having a little trouble getting it to work. Basically, the minigame has three flowers, and two bees can spawn out of these flowers. These bees are each connected to a set of three variables, each one designating the bee's...
  11. Mr-Kangaroo

    Is it Possible to Make Enemy Specific BGM?

    Hey, I was wondering if there is some hidden setting that allows BGM to change to the random encounter ID? The desired effect is just having enemy specific music. I'd rather the butterflies not have the same battle music as the wolves. :') Could I somehow make it location dependent as...
  12. Mr-Kangaroo

    How do I Make a 'No-Pass Tile' Event Interactable?

    I have a barrel. I add event on same tile as barrel. Make event same level as player, and triggered by action button. Nothing happens. More generally asking, how do I make an event interactable when it is on an impassable tile, like a wall, or a large object?
  13. W.M.K

    Eventing specific moves to play in a battle event for a non-playable character

    So basically, I'm trying to create a battle event where there are three characters, and only one specific character is playable by the user. I want to be able to choose what moves the other two characters will do, and then the playable character can do whatever move they choose to do. Let me...
  14. Help with eventing a minigame

    Hi there! I am trying to create a minigame using an event and I am running into some trouble. I want a simple minigame where a player has to move a nose away from bees that are coming out of some flowers. Basically, a bee will shake back and forth and then fly upwards from one of three flowers...
  15. driedoutapples

    Displaying Items in Evented Menu

    (Hi! First thread on here, so please correct me if I posted this in the wrong area.) I'm working on a small-town simulation game, and for the most part it contains a lot of evented menus with variables, conditional branches and pictures (bc scripting is a pain). However, I'm kinda running into...
  16. LewyyM

    [XP] Event sprite changing by itself?

    So basically: I have the option to kill people, which results in their body laying on the ground. The first one works fine, his dead sprite is the last part of 189-Down01. However, the other guy's dead sprite is set to the first sprite from 190-Down02 and it changes depending on the direction...
  17. chase sequence Enemy dash? (solved)

    I want to make a chase sequence,where the enemy is kinda slow but still a bit faster than the player (like,at 4 speed) but every few seconds it dashes at 5 speed to catch up to the player. I remember a lot of old horror rpg games did this but I haven't found how to do it myself. When I try to I...
  18. The_Power_Of_Green_Games

    Events shake when you walk diagonally, it's more noticeable in doors

    I have no idea why it happens, if someone knows how to fix it please tell me. https://media.giphy.com/media/TSME2jELn2Ts6vx67g/giphy.mp4 These are the plugins I use
  19. KineticDog

    How to Wait for Script Execution Complete inside an Event

    Hi there, I just found that if I arrange a 'Message' after a 'Script' inside an event, the message will render before the script has executed completely. Despite of message, other type of operations also won't wait for script execution. I would like to know if there are any standard approaches...
  20. Npc footstep sounds? (solved)

    All of the footsteps scripts that I know of and tried only apply to the player. And while that's ok,It bothers me that the enemies chasing the player can't make those sounds,like,it kills the immersion. I know how to simulate them in cutscenes,but I want npcs that move randomly/ towards the...

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