1. Lex1253

    Need help making an Event "Area of Effect" activation (Script Call)

    So, essentially what I want to do in my game is an Active Battle System built from the ground up using Events as enemies. So far, it's not going too bad, but there is a small problem. My game uses both melee and ranged combat, and I can't figure out a script that tells the event/player: "If...
  2. Move Route: Move Toward Event

    I would like to know if there's a way I could write or find an existing script that allows events to follow events and players to follow events. Similar to Alissa Advanced Move Route/Galv’s Move Route Extras V.1.9, but one that's actually compatible with RMXP (and works), since I'm using Pokemon...
  3. Increase the base Trigger Range of Events without Duplicating

    So I have some NPC's which wanders randomly in the map. As the character sizes in my game are quite bigger (1*3) so its sometimes really difficult to interact with Events, and I can't duplicate those events as they are roaming with a random position. So is there any other way that I can increase...
  4. Deadlyspud

    *SOLVED* event not picking up region (On onw map)

    okay so i have a few puzzles in my game where you have to pull / push the correct item into place. works fine on other maps, but i have hit one map where it just won't work. its like it isnt picking up its in the correct region. heres some photos of an example of one thats working fine and how...
  5. mirage984

    monster catch not working

    So I want to make a monster catch mechanic but I want it to have only a percentage chance to work, my thought was to use a skill to work a %x of the time. Then check if the status effect is there, then if so give the party the enemy as a party member. Problem is I can't seem to get the first...
  6. Omarproductions

    How to use conditional branches to check a value of a variable, and set a number for another variable, then use Yanfly's Event Call to call an event.

    Hi guys, how are you doing today? I'm having trouble figuring out how to use conditional branches to check the value of a variable, then set a number for another variable. I tried earlier with a different event, using nested if else conditional branches, but to no avail, it would only show the...
  7. Julijewels

    Need help with a simple counter in an event?

    I'm guessing it's incredibly simple and I'm just a newbie. Pretty much the event is going Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. On page 3, you get an item. It self switches to page 4 to prevent you from grabbing another item. Page 3 Contents Page 4 is a conditional branch that checks to see if you already...
  8. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    clicking an event while in front of it hello. i am using this plugin "Mouse System Ex" to use mouse in my project. the tag click_activate! allows to trigger an event by clicking on it no matter how far away the player is. If I remove the tag, I can't trigger the event with mouse if player in...
  9. What does the event options do

    The "Options: Walking Stepping Direction Fix Through" settings of an event always confuses me, what does they do? there doesn't seems to be any online documentations for this?
  10. Kitten2021

    How to create a Battle Tutorial event - within a battle

    Hello, I have someone that has never played an RPG Maker game before, and I am trying to make a game specifically for him to enjoy - but I am running into a bit of a confusing issue. I would like to run him through his very first battle with a tutorial, you know, the whole "We're against XYZ...
  11. Kato-A

    RMMV Run an event when choice is highlight? (Solved)

    Well as the title says I want to run an event when an choice is highlighted. Like this video I made: As you can see when an choice is indicated, the object in question is also indicated. The problem is that it's a parallel event that checks if you pressed up or down, but when the buttons are...
  12. bluechuii

    Can i get help with Event loops/ Player input, please?!

    So, I have an event that is a Loop. It's acting as a menu selection. The player walks up to a wardrobe. They press enter and it shows the pictures. Player input with Up and/or down, goes through different Pictures. (This is to change the player's outfit and It's pretty important to the overall...
  13. RMMV Help with Stealth systems

    Apologies if I posted this in the wrong place or formatted something incorrectly (first time posting anything on the site, at least that I remember). I'm trying to make a non-combat map stealth system that increases/decreases variables when seen. That is easy enough just using Yanfly's Event...
  14. LesserL

    How to check if there is an Event on a certain tile?

    Hello! So I have everything for my idea except for this little thingy mentioned in the title. Most of the maps are going to consist from 3 lines of tiles: 2'nd is for walking, 1'st and 3'rd are for events. And I want doors to be on both lines. When doors on the first line can be shown normally...
  15. bluechuii

    Please help me with loops/ Input!

    I'm trying to make a 'menu' of sorts. I was told Loops and Conditional branches would be a good way to do it. So, basically, I have pictures that are like a menu. I want the player to be able to press up and down to flick through the options and press ok so they can choose an outfit etc. I...
  16. Galuf

    Character events will not move.

    So I was trying to make a dance scene in my game, I have the movements figured out the problem is that the characters just won't move. Well, it's kinda weird. I isolated both characters movement routes, and they won't move. BUT if i put all 3 movement routes in then they will move, but only...
  17. Autorun event continues to loop even when using the "Self Switch + Blank Page" trick (VX Ace)

    I'm trying to make an event in a bar where the bartender walks out and the protagonist automatically walks to the left and takes his place. However, every time the bartender leaves and the protagonist takes his spot, he continues to do the automatic walking to the left. The event is set to...
  18. Parallax Panda

    RMMZ Visustella_EventMoveCore - Sync/Chase problem

    I tried out Visustella's "EventMoveCore" plugin for syncing the movement of an event to the player. In detail, what I've done is I've put this "notetag" in the events notebox: <Move Synch Target: Player>, and yes - it works. But, when I try to set the move route to either "Approach" or a custom...
  19. how to add movies

    titles my question NVM I FOUND OUT HOW TO ADD THEM
  20. what file format do movies need to be in?

    and im also wondering if you can just have a picture play for a few seconds and use that as a movie instead of a actual video I FIGURED IT OUT MYSELF DONT ANSWER

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