1. Milennin

    How to prevent Event overlap?

    In RM2K3, there was a feature on Events that would forbid Event overlap (basically to prevent other Events moving over them), but that feature is not present in MZ. Is there any easy way of restricting roaming Events while allowing the player over those tiles?
  2. [Fulfilled] Water coming out of pillar

    Hello, fellow Game makers! Completed versions (and conditions) at the artist's thread (go to page 4 to find them): https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/gothicvoid-s-additions-new-modern-items.110577/ Resource Type: Character... technically? Maker Format: RMMV Art Style: RTP...
  3. Mohitrani

    How to make my characters to select an order of watch duty?

    Hello, i have a problem, i have 8 characters camping at night, and they have to choose an order for watch duty, so that after picking an order each of them will act singularly for a while and then after all of them acted they'll group together in the morning. What can i do to achieve that? thank...
  4. How to Png loop animation text add

    I want to make a loop animation with png because webm video is delayed even when looping, and it is hard to drive by mobile. _Event window _ _loop_ pic 1 Standby 10 Frame pic 2 Standby 10 Frame _Repeat above_ This is how it's made into a video. I'm having a problem. 1. Text, option...
  5. RMMV Change event image by it's name from common event (solved)

    So I want to change a map event's image by referencing only its name from a common event. So, I could change the event image of a character 'Carl' to be an image of a bloodstain, for example. I found this code: "$gameMap._events.filter(function(event) { return event.event().name === 'EV001'...
  6. Jragyn

    [MZ] Event Describe

    Event Describe J / JE / Jragyn Introduction This plugin enables RM devs to grant additional contextual detail to events on the map through text and/or icons. Features - "describe" an event by adding some text - "describe" an event by adding an icon - either/both text and icon can hide/show...
  7. Help with two simultaneous events: movement & dialogue

    All searches have yielded results not matching my specific query. I am trying to figure out the specific event processes so that I can have two separate events running at the same time: Event One: wait-staff in a tavern, moving around the map delivering and receiving meals. This is happening...
  8. How do I make two events the conditions for a third event?

    I have 2 events, and I want the player to activate both in order for a third event to play. The order does not matter - He can activate any of the two events in any order, but only after seeing both, a third event will automatically start. How do I make that third event start automatically...
  9. Prellmarc

    RMMZ Event manipulation via skill

    Hey folks, I'm doing some Golden Sun like stuff and tapped into my first problem trying to realize the use of skills out of menu to let the event in front of me react to. What I'm basically trying to do is to freeze a puddle in front of me into a pillar of ice using a Frost spell. I mean, when...
  10. BoredDudesGames

    RMMZ (Solved) More Event Conditions

    I'm looking for a plugin that allows for there to be more event conditions. For example, I want one where the event only appears if a variable is less than or equal to some number; but I also need one which only shows an event if a variable is a specific number. I would also like the plugin to...
  11. KitteyWolf

    Change Event placed Above Characters passability?

    Hey! So- as the title states, I'm wondering if there is a way to make an event, that gets drawn above the character, but that the player can't actually walk under? I'm using character sprites that are taller then 1square, and I ran into an issue while I was setting up doorways. When they walk...
  12. omnaeon

    Checking input against for variables to unlock padlock.

    I have an event set up that generates four random numbers between one and ten, this all runs fine. I want the player to look for these numbers and use them to unlock a padlock, so I have them enteringen the numbers. But I can't figure out how to check the input variable against the four...
  13. Is there a way to wordsearch in an event?

    My game has alotta dialogue and its a bit of a pain to go somewhat pixel hunting for each word I need to edit. Is there a plugin or way to easily search for a word in an event script in RPGmaker MV ? Thank you
  14. WhyIamaPotato

    RMMV Changing the title screen after finishing the game

    I would like to make my title screen change its picture when the player has finished the game. I have no clue where to start though, since I can't put to title screen pictures in the System section. Does someone know if there's a way to do this (or a plugins that can do this)?
  15. Call Menu while in an event

    Okay, maybe that one i can only achieve with scripts, but here goes nothing. What i want is to call the Menu, the one with Items, Skills, Weapons, Conditions, Formation, Save and Exit, like when you press the ESC button while walking nowhere got it? But in an event. Well, at least i just want...
  16. Kurtkakes

    Player/event touch problem

    hello! the problem is when the event walks into the player it doesent trigger, but when the player walks into the event it triggers, i tried with player touch trigger and event touch trigger, but no luck, here are some video examples I want to make it so that it triggers right when it hits the...
  17. Snarkyfork

    How can I calculate average party level for events?

    How would it be possible to calculate or create a variable that records the average level of all party members? Basically adding up the levels of party members 1-4 (their current class levels) then dividing it by 4.
  18. Ksyoush

    Need help with a "change clothes" event

    So,i tried to do this. It worked but I also want the old image to return if i choose change clothes again. But the new one just stays permanently. How to fix it?
  19. johnnymate12222

    RMMV YEP40 - Event Mini Label using event note tags

    Hello there, I would need a little modify on this plugin I'm using. I found in this thread a modified version of Yanfly's "Event Mini Label" plugin which I'm using to show text on screen, as you would do with a textbox, except in this case you can place it anywhere and it doesn't disappear...
  20. I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently

    Greetings I need that when event A passes close to event B, event B behaves differently. Specifically, event B is fixed, and A is an event that only travels one route. When the distance between A and B (the hypotenuse of the triangle formed by this distance and the coordinate axis) is less...

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