1. Patroso

    how to do: when player equip special item event is changed?

    The player receives the coat of the Heroine and in the first option puts it on - then passes through the city gate unscathed. However, if the player does not wear the coat - the enforcers(enemy) attack him. Enforcers have a high level and gear, so winning with them is possible, but not profitable.
  2. airair396

    How do I get an event to walk to a variable?

    I want my event to walk to an event that moves around randomly. About 4 squares away, and I think I can figure out this spot using variables for the coordination and some math, but then is there a way to input these variables in my game?
  3. Event Wont Dissapear

    I Have Been Recently Making a Game in RPG Maker VX and Honestly i've been having quite a good time,just one problem,that being,after a boss battle the NPC's i made should Go Free from A Cage (They Just Dissapear when i Re-Enter the Room) Sadly it isn't working and idk why Help is Much...
  4. I want to place a character spawn on an event tile.

    Hello, does anyone know how to place a character spawn on an event tile? I am unable to place it like so. Does anyone have a solution to this? Thanks.
  5. Interactable indicator on top of events

    Hello! RMMZ 1.6.0 "Interactable indicator" refers to, for example, the sparkles that are often used to tell the player they can interact with something. What is the best way to go about a modular solution regarding this? Say I have an NPC I want the sparkles on - is the best solution to make a...
  6. Event performance optimisation

    Hello. RMMZ, v1.6.0 So I'm having issues finding information on event performance. I know the game I'm creating will end up being pretty large, and I'm doing various stuff to curb performance hits. But when it comes to events, I'm having trouble figuring out how to optimise events to minimise...
  7. bluechuii

    Window Screen changing size during game

    Is it possible for there to be an event/ script that can make the windowed game screen get bigger, mid-game? Is there a way to trigger the screen to get bigger or smaller? I know how to change the size of the game but I'm just wondering if there's a trigger or something to make it get bigger...
  8. LeashaX

    Help with a mechanic

    How can I implement an omnidirectional jump system? I have the visustella plugin Movement Effects and ButtonCmnEvts.
  9. Vach

    RMMV Retry battle after Game Over

    I'm looking for a plugin for MV that gives the option to retry after being defeated in battle. I've tried all the plugins I could find, HimeWorks' GameOver Events, McKathlin's Custom Game Over and of course SumRndmDde's Game Over Core. The last one works with random encounters but all my...
  10. Bowtirage

    Events not resetting upon map transfer

    I'll try to be as clear as possible so bare with my examples please. I have a map where there are 3 searchlights and when one touches you, it activates a battle then transfers you to the beginning of the map after said battle. The light events themselves are a player touch event and there is a...
  11. How do I remove the flashing and shake from the start of a battle?

    I'm currently working on a scene where the lights flicker out, and then (in secret) the player is sent to a different room and then a battle is triggered. However, when the battle starts, it has that flash/zoom effect, which reveals that you're in a new room. how do I stop this from happening?
  12. ZodiacStories

    Event Trigger won't Work

    I'm trying to get an event to reset itself once it hits another event, but nothing happens, and the OG Event only rests when the character walks over the trigger event, even tho I have the trigger even set to "Event Trigger" This is the OG Event (It's a projectile) Theses are the triggers when...
  13. How do I make battle events that move a player to a different room?

    I'm working on a project where I'm using a battle as part of the storytelling - basically, you're suddenly attacked, told some cryptic stuff, then the battle ends after a few turns, transferring you to a different map in the process. What I've been doing is I've got a Troop made up of a single...
  14. How do I make an event that will only trigger when I'm in the airship?

    I tried making it so that the events were in a priority above the player, but that didn't work. Also, is it possible to make an event that'll automatically send me to a different map, then put me in the airship? I tried [get on/off vehicle] then [transfer player] but that didn't work.
  15. SloppyJoeStudios

    Event position to another event conditional branch

    Hi! I'm trying to make a soccer/european kickoff minigame and have it almost working but I just wonder if I'm doing anything wrong with the code? My "Goal": Is that when the football event is 1 tile away from the goalkeeper event he shoots it back out. My problem: he does that but seems a bit...
  16. How to make player move to an event?

    I need to make a cutscene where a player walks on specific tiles that have events on top of them. Is there a way to reference events in a move route so that the player will always walk over the events regardless of the arrangement? (the order remains consistent but the positions will vary). If...
  17. Shader1019

    Having NPC Chase Player to Another Map Error

    Hello. I've encountered some error I can't identify. Basically, I'm trying to make an NPC follow the player from map to map. I got something set up, but I always get an error. To elaborate, I set up these common events: I then spawn the enemy by adding an auto run event to activate switches...
  18. How do you make people notice you from a distance?

    Basically, I'm trying to make a game that's got enemies that can notice you from a few tiles away - Like Pokemon Trainers? - but I can't figure it out. Any ideas?
  19. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    How do I make the vehicle event?

    I made a event where you need to complete a quest so that a switch is activated and you can get on the boat,but you can get on the boat even without the switch being on,how do I solve this??
  20. heroslegend

    Where to Post Game Awards Event?

    Hi, I am hosting a RPG Maker Game Awards Event later this year and want to post a thread that users can nominate and vote on their game choices for each category for the event. I'm not sure where I can post this on this forum any suggestions on where best to post this? And is it possible to have...

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