1. How to change flashlight color in stealth game

    I´m making a stealth game and I want the enemy to show a balloon icon, when the player is X steps close to the enemy, but also if the player is one step closer, then an animation would play and would put the player at the start of the level. I tried EventChasePlayer plugin and a common event...
  2. supercat

    RMMV Yanfly Event Chase Player help

    I was wondering if there was a way to play a common event once the player leaves the event's sight? What I want to do is when the event sees the player, I want it to play music and turn a switch on. I can do that already, but when the event can no longer see the player, I want to turn the music...
  3. JDevain

    EventChasePlayer extension so events can't see through impassable tiles - RMMV

    Yanfly's EventChasePlayer plugin makes it so events will chase you if you are in their line-of-sight. The problem is that events can see through walls (or any impassabe tiles). Well, DreamX wrote a short script that fixes that by checking to see if the tiles are impassable. Here's the page...
  4. YanFly EventChasePlayer help needed...

    I'm using the EventChasPlayer pluggin by YanFly and I set up the event (guard) to chase the player when it sees them. Once it sees the player it runs over to the player and calls up a common event that sends the character back to square 1 on the same map. the issue I'm having is, once the player...
  5. Skydorm

    Yanfly EventChaseStealth/Player problem

    Hello everybody, I want to use the Plugin EventChaseStealth and EventChasePlayer and it works fine when i make a event that stay at his Position. But I tried alot of time to make the event move while He's looking for the Player. The Problem is, that i don't know how to do this, because everytime...
  6. Gryffin

    Yanfly YEP_EventChasePlayer Switch Condition

    Hello, This one's for Yanfly. I'm looking to use your EventChasePlayer in my game. However, I could really use an additional condition that checks for a switch state. Would this be possible, please? Thank you so much for all of the scripts :)

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