1. AngelicFox

    Eventer looking for a project.

    Hi, im TechnicalFox and i'm looking for a project for about a month (or more). I would really like to help. I dont consider myself as a good eventer, but working on a interesting (for me) project would be a fun thing to do and i would help as much as i could. I dont like working by myself and...
  2. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict Recruiting!

  3. lemongreen

    Irrational Secrets (currently looking for team)

    This game actually has a rpgmaker.net page if you'd like to view the informaton there (I also have a fairly short demo up in case you want to look over the gameplay in that, though some features have already changed slightly, just as a warning). Basically I've been finding as I continue working...
  4. The Rise of Hotaru - An Original RPG

    Calling out to Animators, Musician, Artists, Eventers, Mappers   What is the Rise of Hotaru? The Rise of Hotaru is a currently in-development RPG that will be made with RPG Maker VX Ace. How will this game be distrubuted? When the game is in a finished state, I plan to try and get it on Steam...

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