eventing advice

  1. DesuSukopion

    Using a Laptop In-Game as if it were the real thing?

    The Title says it in as easy a way as I can put it, now to elaborate on why I am making a thread and what I am asking for advice on. I've an Item in this project I've been working on for a while, which is a Laptop. Nothing more, nothing less-And I'd like to have the player have the ability to...
  2. RadioactiveArcade

    [SOLVED] Adding character to a map upon meeting a condition - parallel eventing?

    The reason why my game crashed on pc was due to bad eventing with parallel events, which I fixed thanks to this communities' input/help! I'm doing a new event that adds a character to the sanctuary map after meeting them in an entirely different map, using the variable "Add Tenebris". I got it...
  3. RadioactiveArcade

    RMMV [SOLVED] Too many events causing game lag, or am I bad at eventing?

    I honestly don't know where to post this, but in general I'm fairly new to javascript and the rmmv engine. I've been using gradient images under the character folder & prefix to add lighting and shading for things like lanterns, non-animated stuff such as tree/large object bloom effects, and...
  4. Most Efficient Way to Create Long Events?

    I'm creating a character with a lot of dialogue/quest-lines over the course of the game. But a lot of this character's location/dialogue will take place from the same map, same tile. With that in mind, I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to utilize switches/variables for long events...
  5. Myers & Sparks

    Script snippet please help .

    Been using RPG maker for a while, but let's just saying JS isn't quite my forte. In any case, what would be the best method to look a batch of variables. and return the highest variable? for example I have 3 variables. 1,2,3 with respective values of 5,8,2, What would be the best method of...
  6. J-G

    Help making skill

    So I am trying to mimic something similar to Tifa's Limit break. Where in battle a bunch of reels come up, each real has the words Yeah!, Hit, and Miss And each time the player hits "Ok" one of the reels, it will stop right on whatever "Ok" was pressed on. Yeah = 1.3 on 1st reel and increases...
  7. greensdream

    Respite tiles (eventing help)?

    Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place... One of my maps slows the player's speed to x2 slower (setting 3 in the Set Movement Route command). I'd like for there to be single tiles placed around the map that allow the player to muster the strength to "push through," and I'd like for the tiles...
  8. EniaCat

    Snowboarding mechanic in RPG MAKER MV.

    Dear people of the forum, I had a question about a certain mechanic that I wanted to use in my game. It's about snowboarding because I had an idea that a character is going to snowboard down in a parallax side view scroller or top-down. The only problem I have is: How can I make the character...
  9. cuby

    How to make event function with an entire "class" of item?

    Let's say I have a cat, and I can feed the cat any kind of food. In the game, I have lots of different specific types of food, any of which would work. I'm having trouble figuring out how to create an event that will check for the entire class of "food" items, allow me to feed the cat, and...
  10. Warserker

    Need help with a "time stop" ability

    Hello. I recently tried to make a time stop ability, basically a common event (called with Yanfly's Button Common Events plugin) that, using a switch, stop all moving NPCs for 10 seconds. To make the time stop work only 10 seconds I am using SumRndmDde's Timer Upgrade plugin (it should also work...
  11. coticka

    Force player to face event?

    Hello friends. I ran into a small problem that I can't find out how to work-around. It seems there isn't a built-in way to force the player to face a specified event. When map enemies chase a player and finally catch them, I'd like to be able to make the player face the direction of the enemy...
  12. nijineko

    Suggestions for implementing secret doors

    I am looking for suggestions for implementing secret doors on the map level in my project. Parameters: This is a early rogue-like dungeon-crawl old-school style game. Secret doors need to appear like any other stretch of wall prior to reveal. After reveal, it needs to appear as a door. The...
  13. Carduus

    How would you event a multi-step map transition?

    In my intro animation, I have a shot of the inside of a building, noises, a crack, then the wall caves in from the outside. I have a map for the building before cave-in, and another for the cracked and rubble-strewn building post cave-in. I'm fine with noises and flashes, and even have a decent...
  14. Lynvia

    Common Event from a Skill, invoking a switch?

    I'm not getting a common event to fire, when executing a skill that fires that common event. Explanation and screen shots below, hopefully. The game I'm working on involves having the player walk up to an event, which has a conversation with them, each time the event speaks, it's a lie, which...
  15. MMBN influenced CBS

    Hey guys, I've had an idea for this battle system for a while in my head and I need your advise. I wanna create a battle system which takes the grid movement element from MMBN. So the system works like this: You control your character moving on your side of the grid to dodge attacks...

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