eventing help

  1. Mallowbird

    Checking if Player's Items Inventory is Empty

    Hello! I suppose the the title says most of my question already, but how can I check if the player's Items inventory is empty? Preferably this would be either via a script call or otherwise as a condition in a conditional branch (which is how my event is set up so far, but if no such method...
  2. Most Efficient Way to Create Long Events?

    I'm creating a character with a lot of dialogue/quest-lines over the course of the game. But a lot of this character's location/dialogue will take place from the same map, same tile. With that in mind, I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to utilize switches/variables for long events...
  3. yamakoku

    Menu is closing when common event is activated. How do i stop that?

    Hello! I need help doing something. I have been trying to make costumes using common events and armor. I use 2 plugins to do this. One that restricts certain armors to certain characters, and another that runs common events when an item is equipped. The common event successfully changes the...
  4. BurningOrca

    Hide, seek and catch event

    I'd like to implement a little hide, seek and catch between two children into my game. And I'd like to ask you if this can be done via eventing. Basically this is the map. I want the player to catch the event which I outlined in red. The event should run away from the player once the player...
  5. greensdream

    Respite tiles (eventing help)?

    Hope I'm not posting in the wrong place... One of my maps slows the player's speed to x2 slower (setting 3 in the Set Movement Route command). I'd like for there to be single tiles placed around the map that allow the player to muster the strength to "push through," and I'd like for the tiles...
  6. cuby

    How to create/query hidden attributes for items/weapons/armor?

    I could sure use some help with this one: I'd like all items/weapons/armor in my game to have a hidden value that I'd like to assign to each, and then later on, to query and store as a variable. I know that I could do it in an event with a massive conditional branch for each and every item in...
  7. Almightypebble

    [SOLVED] YEP Picture Common Events Issue

    Hey guys! So I have a two tile map for an event and the character. Basically I made the event show a picture and then through Yanfly's Picture Common Events plugin when I click on the picture I wanted to open another picture or erase the current picture to see the one underneath. But no matter...
  8. Button pressing minigame?

    Hello, I know this have been asked several times already but everything I found about timed button minigames/QTEs/Chain Commands and ect didnt help me much. Almost everything I found was related to battles. I only saw one thread that wasnt related to battles but unfortunately, it didnt help me...
  9. Amarok

    Triggering common event every time a variable increases/decreases by x amount?

    So im trying to add a bit of strategy to my game by using a turn based system on the overworld. (Think the total war games or Civilization) I already know how to trigger events and change things when X turn is reached. But i also need certain events to trigger after every 3 turns pass, for...
  10. Joporai124

    Eventing A Falling Character

    Hey everyone I need some help. I'm currently making a project where one of the characters is falling from the Sky unconsious and I was wondering if any one can suggest the most effective way of eventing this. Any help would be awesome and appreciated. :)

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