eventing & scripting

  1. imkranely

    Questions About Arrays and Script Calls

    The short of it: I am attempting to create a simple card game as an optional mini game. You will collect cards as you travel and even stop by card shops (modern-ish setting). The problem I face is not knowing exactly how to do what I need to. The long of it: I have been looking all across the...
  2. Parallel process event persists between maps?

    Hey there. So uh... I've got this weird issue with a Parallel Process event going on. I'm working on an introduction for a game, featuring a character walking down a road while monologuing in their head. The parallel process event code is extremely simple: This parallel process event is...
  3. Myers & Sparks

    Script snippet please help .

    Been using RPG maker for a while, but let's just saying JS isn't quite my forte. In any case, what would be the best method to look a batch of variables. and return the highest variable? for example I have 3 variables. 1,2,3 with respective values of 5,8,2, What would be the best method of...
  4. Macgyver831

    Dialogue and forced commands in menu (Better Tutorials)

    I'm hoping for a way to simplify tutorial creation! Looking to accomplish the following: 1) While the menu is open, Move the cursor so the player can track what options are being highlighted 2) Dialogue to happen while menus are opened 3) Options to be chosen WITHOUT the player input I made a...
  5. GothicMonocle

    Problem with eventing a heath bar

    **Edit: Problem Solved! You can close this thread now.** So I use the easiest method of eventing a HUD health bar. Which is the picture zoom method. (basically I call a common event that displays two pictures, one for the HUD frame and the other the HP bar. To calculate how the health bar is...
  6. Owellow

    Random map encounters instead of battles?

    Is there any way to set up a system similar to random battle encounters where after so many steps (or time or whatever) the player is teleported to a different map? When they walk off that map they are teleported back to where they were. I would like to get specific with it and designate where...
  7. Yanfly's Eventing a Foraging System – RPG Maker MV

    So I got intrested in eventing a foraging system and i found yanfly's rather useful. I tried to follow the steps liek shown in the video here http://yanfly.moe/2018/07/13/eventing-a-foraging-system-rpg-maker-mv/ but at the part where u need to use the script I got VERY confused. and never was...
  8. I tried to add a foraging system and failed

    I've been trying to get the foraging system yanfly made a tutorial on to work. The bush never gets berries. When I checked the self variable using the \V text command thingy it always says 3. I don't know if using that for self variables is accurate, though. It's probably something stupid and...
  9. FiercestPixel

    Yanfly's event foraging system. Help

    Like the title says, im having some issues following along with Yanfly's foraging event system. Heshethey recently did a video about it but I didn't know where to ask exactly. I am pretty confident I have the eventing right (maybe not) but my coding is trash lol. Please, if anyone has watched...
  10. captainette777

    Remove all party members?

    Hey all, I want to have an event where I want everybody in the party is removed, making the party empty, regardless of who they are. Having the event command just say "remove party member x" over and over again gets really inefficient when you have a ton of actors in your game. Is there a script...
  11. JGreene

    Skill Tree Using Eventing/Scripting

    In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to create your own skill tree using events and the help of a few plugins. This is an open ended feature of which there seems to be very little actual support for in MV. So that's why I've made this tutorial for you! Hope you enjoy! Happy RPG making...
  12. JGreene

    Skill Tree for MV

    So, after failing to find a suitable option for a skill tree plugin, I decided to mess around with the idea of a custom skill tree of my own. I think it worked out the way I intended, and is fairly light on processing. It just takes quite a bit of eventing and scripting knowledge to program...
  13. Triggering events based on the specific enemy actor is attacking?

    I'm looking for a way to trigger events based on the specific enemy the actor is currently attacking. For example, if Hero 1 is fighting both a Dragon and a Slime, and he attacks the Dragon, I'd like a specific event to occur. But if he attacks the Slime, even with the same attack he used on...
  14. Jordman The Swordman

    FREE Super Sword Saga: Thrall Brawls Recruitment

    (Formerly known as Supra-Verse Saga: Thrall Brawls) Hello game makers! This project has been put on the back burner, as it is the least likely of my projects to be finished any time soon... I rate this project as 3rd most important of my 3 projects. 3rd most, because, it will be the hardest...

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