1. Gensun

    Gensun Followers

    Gensun_Followers V1.0.1 by Gensun Introduction This plugin was developed and used across ~5 small projects to fill a need to smoothly handle cutscenes that involve not just the protagonist but also their follower characters. Features Multiple events and followers can be simultaneously sent...
  2. JohnDoeNews

    Eventing Duels part III: High Score

    Eventing duels is a friendly challenge in which you give everything and can win nothing. Yet the idea is to see who has the most efficient and original way of eventing a certain system. Those challenges are meant to compare our own methods to those of fellow developers. In this challenge we...
  3. tumsterfest

    TRADE REQUEST Avery's Reverie - Battles, Plugins, Animation, etc. - Flexible Arrangements

    Engine: RPG Maker MZ (If you have strong interest in committing to this project but don't have MZ, I'm open to providing it for you.) Synopsis (See Games in Development thread for full details.) Story: Tired of doing chores "literally" all the time (and literally tired from staying up past...
  4. (Help) How to program party-specific events.

    Hello, This is my first ever post in the forums. I am currently working on a project whose ideas I've been writing down for quite some time and I've reached the point where I am in need of implementing complex eventing to achieve the goals I have set for the story and its interactions. The...
  5. fizzly

    [RMMZ] Campfire Event System for beginners

    Tutorial Title: Campfire Event System for RPG Maker MZ Brief description: This is beginners only tutorial for ppl who wants to create camfire system ingame. Requirements: RPG Maker MZ only, does not use any script/plugin! Tutorial body: It can be used in your game, free or commercial to...
  6. Zakarijazh

    Turning an event passable

    Does anybody know how I could make these pillars passable and able to move across/jump to them but still not leave the single tile for the top of it? The pillars are !$ characters that are 48x96, and if possible, I'd like to be able to make ONLY the top half (48px) passable, so I can jump to...
  7. desertbriar

    Eventing Respawning Foraging Nodes and Enemies Using Script Calls

    Hello! In this tutorial we will be using events to represent on-map enemy encounters and foraging/mining nodes, turning on their self switch after the event executes, then call a common event at some point (like using an inn) to reset the self switches for those events on their map to allow them...
  8. DesuSukopion

    Using a Laptop In-Game as if it were the real thing?

    The Title says it in as easy a way as I can put it, now to elaborate on why I am making a thread and what I am asking for advice on. I've an Item in this project I've been working on for a while, which is a Laptop. Nothing more, nothing less-And I'd like to have the player have the ability to...
  9. RadioactiveArcade

    [SOLVED] Adding character to a map upon meeting a condition - parallel eventing?

    The reason why my game crashed on pc was due to bad eventing with parallel events, which I fixed thanks to this communities' input/help! I'm doing a new event that adds a character to the sanctuary map after meeting them in an entirely different map, using the variable "Add Tenebris". I got it...
  10. Solovei

    Eventing help: Give player random amt. of gold every X steps?

    Hi all! Because I'm not planning to have any random encounters in my game (there will be some combat, but it happens at specific times/points in the story), I wanted to instead give the player small, random amounts of gold as they walk around. I feel like this is going to involve loops and...
  11. Vis_Mage

    RMMV Help with Learning Arrays

    Hello! :kaohi: Would someone be able to help me with figuring out how to use arrays with variables? I'm hoping that learning how to use them will cut down on a lot of cumbersome chains of conditional branches needed in complex eventing. There are three different systems that I am looking to...
  12. Most Efficient Way to Create Long Events?

    I'm creating a character with a lot of dialogue/quest-lines over the course of the game. But a lot of this character's location/dialogue will take place from the same map, same tile. With that in mind, I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to utilize switches/variables for long events...
  13. Shanoaravendare

    Touchable Barrier

    I have a map where there needs to be a shimmering barrier that is blocking the way. So far I've figured out how to make the shimmering work by creating a sprite for the barrier and setting the event as Parallel and stepping. The issue I'm running into now is that I want the barrier to bounce the...
  14. Halcy0n

    Job System Eventing

    So, I'm trying to create a job mechanic in my game; you have a set shift at a store. Depending on what time the player shows up to work, they're rewarded with more gold/bonuses for each hour they're there. When they clock in for work, it fades out and skips time to the end of their shift. For...
  15. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Battle Events Connected To All Troops?

    I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out something. I noticed that in MV if I make an event happen in a battle on a certain turn, turn 6 to be exact, the event also happens in all battles on turn 6 no matter what enemy I'm battling for some reason. Is there any way to fix this?
  16. mchoneybee

    [HELP] making events disappear on time during a cutscene?

    The title is a little vague, so I'll explain. I'd love some help figuring out how to do this. I have a scene in which there's a path of candies leading away from the player (each their own event of course), and an NPC is supposed to walk slowly along the path and "eat" them as he approaches. So...
  17. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween or Holiday Event System

    Sorry if the title is a little confusing but is there a plugin out there that can make it so that certain events will happen during a certain day like Halloween? Example: A door that only unlocks on Halloween day but is locked every other day of the year. Is that possible? Because I have a...
  18. Galv

    Galv's Puzzle Functions MZ

    Puzzle Functions RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Additional functionality to make puzzle-making easier. Features This plugin adds some functions to use that may help with eventing puzzles and/or quests. 1. Self-switch flipping Change self switches for any event from any event Change...
  19. Zakarijazh

    Help creating an 'enemy chase player' event

    I just want to create a simple event that checks the player's x/y and will have the event chase them if the player within 4 tiles
  20. Tsukihime

    Custom Page Conditions - Eventing your own page conditions

    Having trouble with event conditions? Are the default conditions not enough? If you look at the page conditions, you get - up to two switches - a variable (and must be greater or equal to a certain value) - a self switch - an item (in the party's inventory) - an actor (currently in the party)...

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