1. Xyonel

    force death state with petrified and other

    Hey, I know the plugin made by tsukihime, it's not commercial unless I contact the author etc. I could do that but I'm more interested in making by myself with events if can. here's an example of my work, it works perfectly outside of battle but for some reason does not work when in-battle...
  2. Xyonel

    moving a player while autorun event?

    I need a way to move a player while in autorun cause I must disable standard movement and apply a condition movement base on stamina, this is a screenshot:
  3. Need help with color change puzzle.

    Player Objective: Flip the switches so the spheres on the pillars near them match the color of the switches. But there are rules at play here. Red Switch: Vertical Swap (if switch 1 or 3) or Horizontal Swap (if switch 2 or 4) Yellow Switch: Diagonal Swap Green Switch: Move the colors CW Blue...
  4. Kuro DCupu

    Tricky Eventing - Skippable Event

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. I must admit, that even though it's NOT PERFECT and INCONVENIENT, this is probably the most relatable way of making a skippable content in your game. What is this about? Common question from most player : "Can we skip the cutscene?" Yes, this...
  5. Using eventing to make combinations?

    So, I'm trying to make a little mini-game about making coffee where you pick the size, the type of coffee, and the type of cream. There are 3 types of each of these choices and a total of 27 combinations. How could I make that work through only eventing? I was trying to do it by making every...
  6. VitaliaDi

    How to Build a Better Puzzle

    For my first game I tried to incorporate a lot of mild game type "puzzles" like Hide and Seek, search for the items, input the code you found earlier. But after getting some feedback I'm noticing that the puzzles I made are more of a test your luck or trial and error type "puzzle" and I feel...
  7. (RMMV)Transfering actor to where he was before a cutscene[solved]

    Hello, I have found a problem and hope someone can help me. This is my first forum post so I hope didn't make too many mistakes. And English is not my mother tongue so I'm sorry for my language in advance. So I am currently working on a project, where you can collect memories as Items. If you...
  8. Can you event to turn a plugin on or off?

    Hey fellow game makers, I was wondering if it were possible to event a plugin to be turned on and off? I am trying to implement a easy and hard mode but it depends on if a certain plugin is set to on or off at that moment. Anyone that can help will be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.
  9. BurningOrca

    [Solved] How to do proper map transition?

    I have set up map transition on player touch. This transports my character to the location on the next map where obviously the other map transition event is located. Now if my player walks onto any neighbour map transition event he/she is immediately transfered back to the original map. I fixed...
  10. Jayje

    Fully Evented Party Switch System

    I know there may be some Party Swapping plugins out there for RPG Maker MV, but I wanted something that was really easy and stripped down to use. So I looked around for a bit, but didn’t find anything that really worked for my needs. Then while I was surfing the web, I came across a bit of code...
  11. Player can't move after adding new party member

    I added a new member to the party and then automatically... the characters moved right on their own without me putting such a thing. When they did, they stopped moving because they hit a wall, I guess. There's a self-switch for a blank second page set in action button to avoid the event...
  12. Yoraee

    Events Animation Tutorial for Scenes

    Hey everyone~! I posted this mini tutorial on my devlog on Tumblr and thought I might as well share it here! In this tutorial, I will show you how I animate my scenes by manipulating Movement Route commands. This allows for original ways of portraying story and cutscenes in your game...
  13. OktoberLove

    Looking for HELP solving a projectile event bug!

    Ok! My fellow game devs, I have a challenge for you! So just for context let me explain what I'm trying to do: Keybind Button Common Events Plugin will make a button press = shoot a projectile event from the player across the screen Terrax Lighting attached to the projectile event itself...
  14. White_Dreams

    How to respawn Enemy Sprite after a give time?

    Hi, i've been having troubles on how do to this. So basically, since I hate random encounters cause they become annoying, I want to set up enemy SPRITES with battle processing and make them randomly walk around the map. Then after the player defeated them, they will die and respawn after a...
  15. KiddHusky

    [VX Ace] Movement with Message Box Displayed

    Hello! First time posting my own thread. So, I need a message box to display on player touch while the player is free to move around. I've tried eventing this myself, (using \| to extend the time it is displayed and \^ to clear the text on its own) but the player was not able to move until...
  16. Yawgmoth

    How to Random Loot Quickly

    Hi all, I have a fairly complete database of weapons, armors, and items. I am using Yanfly's augment plugin to add sockets to armors and weapons which considerably increases both weapons and armors. I am looking for a fast and easy way to generate random loot. I think I would like this to be...
  17. Eventing Question

    As the title states I have an eventing question. Is there a way that is more efficient for controlling other sprites' movements than a series of switches? In the context of cutscenes sometimes you want characters to turn a certain way after something is said, or you want some movement...
  18. captainette777

    Remove all party members?

    Hey all, I want to have an event where I want everybody in the party is removed, making the party empty, regardless of who they are. Having the event command just say "remove party member x" over and over again gets really inefficient when you have a ton of actors in your game. Is there a script...
  19. Kuu_t

    Randomize SE in moving route

    Hello everybody, I have a traditional puzzle, where the player pushes a boulder on the button to open a door. The puzzle is fine, but I'd like to do it more interesting for the player. I'd like to randomize the pitch of the pushing SFX to make it less monotonous to listen. Is there a way to...
  20. FoxySeta

    Nested conditions

    This is part of a common event I am implementing. The process stops right before calling "Generate Frames". Because of this, if I want to execute the exact common event call regardless of the esit of the condition above, I need to to put it both after "Change Background -> Foreground" and "Clean...

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