1. Most Efficient Way to Create Long Events?

    I'm creating a character with a lot of dialogue/quest-lines over the course of the game. But a lot of this character's location/dialogue will take place from the same map, same tile. With that in mind, I'm wondering what is the most efficient way to utilize switches/variables for long events...
  2. Shanoaravendare

    Touchable Barrier

    I have a map where there needs to be a shimmering barrier that is blocking the way. So far I've figured out how to make the shimmering work by creating a sprite for the barrier and setting the event as Parallel and stepping. The issue I'm running into now is that I want the barrier to bounce the...
  3. HalcyonDaze

    Job System Eventing

    So, I'm trying to create a job mechanic in my game; you have a set shift at a store. Depending on what time the player shows up to work, they're rewarded with more gold/bonuses for each hour they're there. When they clock in for work, it fades out and skips time to the end of their shift. For...
  4. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    Battle Events Connected To All Troops?

    I'm getting frustrated trying to figure out something. I noticed that in MV if I make an event happen in a battle on a certain turn, turn 6 to be exact, the event also happens in all battles on turn 6 no matter what enemy I'm battling for some reason. Is there any way to fix this?
  5. mchoneybee

    [HELP] making events disappear on time during a cutscene?

    The title is a little vague, so I'll explain. I'd love some help figuring out how to do this. I have a scene in which there's a path of candies leading away from the player (each their own event of course), and an NPC is supposed to walk slowly along the path and "eat" them as he approaches. So...
  6. ProfessorCreepyPasta

    RMMV Halloween or Holiday Event System

    Sorry if the title is a little confusing but is there a plugin out there that can make it so that certain events will happen during a certain day like Halloween? Example: A door that only unlocks on Halloween day but is locked every other day of the year. Is that possible? Because I have a...
  7. Galv

    Galv's Puzzle Functions MZ

    Puzzle Functions RPG Maker MZ Plugin Galv Introduction Additional functionality to make puzzle-making easier. Features This plugin adds some functions to use that may help with eventing puzzles and/or quests. 1. Self-switch flipping Change self switches for any event from any event Change...
  8. Zakarijah

    Help creating an 'enemy chase player' event

    I just want to create a simple event that checks the player's x/y and will have the event chase them if the player within 4 tiles
  9. Tsukihime

    Custom Page Conditions - Eventing your own page conditions

    Having trouble with event conditions? Are the default conditions not enough? If you look at the page conditions, you get - up to two switches - a variable (and must be greater or equal to a certain value) - a self switch - an item (in the party's inventory) - an actor (currently in the party)...
  10. yamakoku

    Danganronpa Minigame Plugin / Tutorial

    I'm looking to make a Danganronpa game using RPG Maker MV. If it doesn't work out in MV, I could also make it in VX Ace, since i have both. I'm looking for a plugin or tutorial that could help me in any way shape or form to help me with the minigames in the class trial. Although i would prefer...
  11. Temporary Switch States

    In my game I have a scene where the players are running from a guard. If the guard catches them, it triggers a fight. That event is working fine, but I want to set it so that when the battle ends, the guard collapses. I want to set it up so that the guard will stay down until the player leaves...
  12. Kuro DCupu

    Storing and Access Text / Data via Plugin

    This tutorial may change your experience of how you use RPG Maker MV. I must admit, I found this method long time ago by accident. I only have little knowledge of coding and can't call myself a proper programmer. As I never see anybody else has discovered / publishing it, I thought this would...
  13. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Grab Object to Push n Pull

    This eventing tutorial works with most RPG Maker. What is this about? For RMer who intent to make puzzle-like minigame that involve moving object on map. This tutorial will achieve specific feature for what might be your need. Feature Allows player to "grab" object (not carry!) by holding the...
  14. l8rose

    Making a Movable Wall with Events

    This tutorial covers creating a movable wall as seen in the following brief video. Designed For: Rpg Maker MV Requirements: RPg Maker MV, Orange Mapshot and an Editing Program Using events and a slightly over large image, you can easily create a moving wall event. It does involve a small...
  15. _Shadow_

    Double Dimension arrays.

    I found a solution on one of my major issues I had, while I was thinking of implementing an idea into an actual game. Here goes the solution on the thread I opened for your reference...
  16. imkranely

    Questions About Arrays and Script Calls

    The short of it: I am attempting to create a simple card game as an optional mini game. You will collect cards as you travel and even stop by card shops (modern-ish setting). The problem I face is not knowing exactly how to do what I need to. The long of it: I have been looking all across the...
  17. Parallel process event persists between maps?

    Hey there. So uh... I've got this weird issue with a Parallel Process event going on. I'm working on an introduction for a game, featuring a character walking down a road while monologuing in their head. The parallel process event code is extremely simple: This parallel process event is...
  18. Xyonel

    force death state with petrified and other

    Hey, I know the plugin made by tsukihime, it's not commercial unless I contact the author etc. I could do that but I'm more interested in making by myself with events if can. here's an example of my work, it works perfectly outside of battle but for some reason does not work when in-battle...
  19. Xyonel

    moving a player while autorun event?

    I need a way to move a player while in autorun cause I must disable standard movement and apply a condition movement base on stamina, this is a screenshot:
  20. Nekohime1989

    Need help with color change puzzle.

    Player Objective: Flip the switches so the spheres on the pillars near them match the color of the switches. But there are rules at play here. Red Switch: Vertical Swap (if switch 1 or 3) or Horizontal Swap (if switch 2 or 4) Yellow Switch: Diagonal Swap Green Switch: Move the colors CW Blue...

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